Thursday, 21 October 2010

A party frock.

Mum and I visited several stores yesterday, none of them terribly exciting, except perhaps one. They were setting up their Christmas displays and had the centre of the store draped in black fabrics. All around were various boxes and props for what ever was going on inside the drapes. I spied this mannequin and took a sneaky picture with my phone.
I'm glad I snapped it when I did, we came back this way 20 mins later and it was gone! Spirited away under the drapes. The point of today's post? Well isn't that a beautiful dress and wouldn't you love to have the figure to be able to wear it? I sure would.
After a day on my feet trailing around wholesalers and supermarkets I sat with my knitting needles last night and cast on another rippling blanket, with extra stitches to make it a little wider. This one will be my lap blanket for the winter months, and I get to stay cosy under it before it's even finished. :-)
Today I'll be baking and sewing.


Janice said...

Gorgeous dress...but a bit chilly for your Christmas parties. Now over here....., but I can't see me in it either. LOL

QuiltSue said...

I'm glad you mentioned ripple blankets - I was going to start knitting the other day, but I've lost the pattern. Please could you send me the link again?