Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Jury Service!

I was picked to attend for Jury service today. But wasn't selected to stay for the trial. I feel a bit let down, it would have been interesting to see how things work in the real world. (The stuff I took part in today is never shown on TV.) But I'm also not terribly disappointed, what a pain it could have been. That's me off the hook for a couple of years anyway.
In keeping with the more serious side of my life, I hunted all over town the other day for wooden curtain rings an essential element in my latest knitted creation. Not a one to be had, well I could have had 2 dozen!! But not four, on their own. Whats a girl to do?
I improvised, I went back to the crafty shop and picked up plastic rings,
Which I covered using yarn B.
I finished one panel and have the second one up to the fourth bobble. This could be a real fun and quick knit if work didn't keep getting in the way.
(Essential footwear. ;-p) I think I mentioned that the pattern calls for a knitted lining, but I have a fat quarter here that will go very nicely with yarn B and while I was getting the rings, I also purchased a zipper. I haven't put a zip into something for over twenty years, this should be interesting. LOL If you don't want to learn any new words, don't come near my house the day I try that.
Days off continue to be few and far between at the moment, between the 'winter vomiting bug' and people leaving, we're a bit short of staff. That aside today I committed to stop looking for another job and take on new challenges within my current role. (Yes that's right, once I was dismissed by the court, I went into work.) Some time later in the year I get to go away and take part in a 4 day training course. (Janice, Keith mentioned the first week in June, I do hope he's winding me up, he knows I've had that time booked for two years!) The course will enable me to grow within my current health and safety role and to deliver the health and safety training for the whole team here on the Isle of Man. I'm sure other things will stem from the course too. So, looking forward again, instead of elsewhere. It feels good.


Miss 376 said...

Glad things have settled workwise for you, hopefully it should make things easier. Bag is looking brilliant

Janice said...

I hope Keith is winding you up too! If he isn't, ask him what it will take to bribe him. LOL I'm pleased that you now have some direction within your workplace.

Ali Honey said...

Jury Service can be a big waste of time . It is interesting the first time only. After that it is all hurry up and wait!

QuiltSue said...

Jury serrvice can be very interesting, when I did it the trial lasted a week, but when my daughter did it, that one lasted 7 weeks!

I'm glad you've made a decision workwise, it sounds as though this could lead to bigger and better things for you.