Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bright ideas

Thanks to everyone for your support yesterday. I was so frustrated, how on earth could I make such a silly mistake? I'll blame tiredness! I had plenty of the white fabric and was able to cut more strips. The top is almost complete. The smaller pieces I have dropped into a scraps box. I'm sure they will get used up in something.
I looked into my sewing room this morning but can't seem to find any enthusiasm for that today. Maybe later.
When I looked into Ailsa's blog yesterday she was showing yet more WIPs. Some of them she mentioned needing good light for.
When I first started Cross stitching I could sew just about anywhere, in any light. No help or assistance needed. Things have changed somewhat in the last 30+ years! More so in the last 15. LOL
First stop was spectacles, then gradually over time more and more assistance has crept in.
My newest helper is this little clip on magnifier and light. What a great wee toy. It just arrived today and I have it positioned so that I can easily read my charts.
Some years ago my Hunney bought me an angle poise lamp and magnifier, I have this set up so that I can pull it over my sewing. On projects with 14 or 16 count fabric I just use the light, but for finer counts and evenweaves I utilise the magnifying glass. It's handy for lighting my knitting too and the glass helps out if I have to un knit!
It has a daylight style bulb, perfect for sewing and knitting. It has a clamp which holds it in place on another of my Hunneys gifts. A Lowery work stand.
I have everything all set up around my chair.
When I have my days with David Attenborough, this is where you'll find me, possibly wrapped up in that cosy quilt, certainly knitting or sewing.
Today is one of those bonus days off I mentioned earlier in the week. It's also my weekend off! I have 5 days to relax. Bliss. :-)


Chookyblue...... said...

need the glasses and the llights these days..........

Mad about Craft said...

Where did you get your light from!

I need to try one of these magnifying lights the next time I go to a show. I've always thought I would find it annoying looking through the lens to see the chart but I need to give it a go as I love my cross stitch and am enjoying doing it again.

Janice said...

What a cosy setup you have in your corner. I love that you have everything at your fingertips an doesn't good light make a difference. I have a day light floor lamp which gets moved to wherever I'm working. Fortunately, my close sight is OK, just not the mid to distant. It will be good to have a finish soon.