Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Can't Sleep.

It's one of 'those' nights. Well, those mornings really. I woke just before 5am and can't get back to sleep, so here I am talking to you.
Fortunately it's my day off work today, though I do have to call into the Onchan office for a short time. I'll call into the craft shop while I'm through there. :-) Maybe I'll buy something, maybe I won't. I've been very good this month and not bought stash of any kind, my only crafty purchase has been the new magnifying glass.
Before going into work yesterday I completed the animal print top. Here it is. :-)
I also had time to piece together two large off cuts of batting, a necessary task as I don't have a piece the right size and also prepared a piece of fabric for backing. I carried all three and the pins, downstairs with me when I got up, I'll get the table cleared shortly and start pinning.
Hope your day starts off better than mine did.


Miss 376 said...

mine has started the same way, lol. Well done on getting the top done, it does look wonderful

Jenny said...

Haven't you been busy! It looks great.

Ali Honey said...

I find not being able to sleep really frustrating. It's one of those things the harder you try the worse it seems to get.
I was glad to read you finished your Butterfly Fling quilt. It looks lovely.

Cath said...

Gorgeous top, hope you get to catch up later . X

AnnieO said...

When I wake up early I usually have good intentions to get to my crafting, but that often falls away to blogland and reading the paper with my tea!

The new quilt looks great. I haven't been in the fabric stores either but am saving my pennies for next month's big quilt show. Only a couple of weeks til we fly!

Janice said...

You Mum should love your latest effort. I hope your brain gets out of the not sleeping mode soon. Mine's doing the same, but at about 2am.