Monday, 21 March 2011

Catch Up.

It's been a very busy weekend. When I got in from work on Friday I was exhausted, and had no energy at all, thank goodness dinner was quick and easy. I helped out at the Royal Naval Association bric a brac sale all day on Saturday. getting away just in time to go to work. An early shift on Sunday left me exhausted again. Boy was I ready for a lie in this morning. Not that I did lie in really, but it was nice to wake up naturally rather than with the alarm. I was still up bright and early and got a few bits out of the way before going into my sewing room.
After blogging on Thursday I went upstairs, I still didn't make a label for the butterfly quilt, because Mums fabrics were calling to me, so I got stuck in, and when I went to work I left it looking like this.
These fabrics have been bothering me, ever since mum and I bought them. I would think about them on 'those nights' when I was lying awake, ideas would come to me unbidden at all kinds of times, but when I pulled out the fabrics to look, nothing seemed to work. On Thursday they were calling again and I started pulling books off the shelf, hoping to find inspiration, I happened upon the booklet which came with my calender from Janice and there it was. A cot quilt , which seemed perfect. It has lain like this all weekend, waiting for me. So it was an easy task this morning to slip in there, still in my PJs and sew up those border seams. A quick press and time for a photo.
The cot quilt stopped at the zebra print, obviously I'll need to add a little more, then it's on to quilting it. Mum wants it as a duvet cover rather than a quilt, so there will be a second loose back when I eventually bind it.
So that's upstairs taken care of, what about downstairs? Nothing, not a single stitch since my last report. But I'll have time this week to do more there.


Janice said...

I'm glad the calendar was of use. The quilt has turned out really well.

Miss 376 said...

Lovely way to start the day

Gari said...

Don't you just love it when inspiration hits? Love how you used your fabrics.