Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Finish.

Yesterday was one of those days, you know the kind, they go on and on, forever. Time seems to move very slowly. But it was in a good way. I got loads done, house work, sewing, gawping at the goings on, I even went in to work for a while! I got through a lot.
I finished the Butterfly Fling quilt. I did do some more quilting, I added more in the columns as I suggested. I'm glad I did, it looks lovely. I also bound it using blue strips from the jelly roll.
It got a rinse and spin and a turn in the tumbler. Now it just needs a label.
I love how soft and cosy it feels. This is the first time I've used Hobbs 100% batting. I like it. :-) I think it will become a must for baby quilts. I have some blocks left and think I have a plan for those too. Watch this space.
As I was sat here blogging away yesterday, something totally unexpected floated passed my window! You know I live in a flat right? Above a shop. I climb up three flights of stairs to get home. Yesterday there was a commotion and noise in the street below, there was some hooting and tooting, I could hear blokes shouting to one another in an amiable way. When I looked out I saw this. I just figured they were here to look at the street lighting.
Next thing I know, I'm blogging away, minding my own business when this floats passed! Well it's not every day I see something like that up here! LOL The street lights are not up this high.
They weren't here to look at the lights at all, they were here to clear the gutters on the buildings across the street. There is a deep gutter behind the parapet and the gulls like to nest up there, they make such a mess and the guttering gets blocked. After twenty minutes of cleaning they were craned back to the ground and away they went.
Also downstairs. When I got home from work I sat down with my cross stitch. I can't believe I have the Hydrangea almost half way completed. :-)
Back to work for real today. I start at 3pm. But first I'm off to play for a while.


Lynda said...

Watching other people work is always fun! Especially after your busy day.

black bear cabin said...

youre probably glad you werent wandering around the house naked when they floated up towards your window :)
anyways, thanks for sharing your productive day, im jealous, i was an absolute sloth today! :)

QuiltSue said...

Sounds like a great day.

I love the quilt. I did have the same thought as Black bear Cabin about when the men floated into your life though.

quiltygal said...

Lovely baby quilt ...should of got them to do your gutters while they were there!! & maybe the windows too LOL...:)