Thursday, 24 March 2011


I'm up bright and early again. Never mind, I'm back to work today, so plenty of time to get ready.
Yesterday was a very good sewing day. And a good housework day too as it happens. I set out quilting the animal print top I had walked away from on Tuesday. My Hunney had done a great job of fixing my sewing machine. Thanks Hun. :-)
I quilted for an entire CD, then took a break, I did some housework, collected another CD, then quilted some more, when that CD ran out, I did more housework, and collected another CD. Do you see a pattern forming here? You know me, I didn't get fancy, just plenty of aiming for the ditch.
I know I have shown this top before, but I thought I might show it off one more time.
After I had finished quilting the top, I had lunch, then got stuck into the back. I thought I might as well make it pretty too. I pieced together a large panel two smaller pieces and plenty of black.
Then I bound the bottoms of both parts separately, before doing the other three sides all together in the usual way. It's kind of hard to see here, but I used Tiger print for the binding. I put a label on the inside, now I just need to add some press studs along the bottom edge and it's done.
That just about finishes off Mums fabrics. I have one Leopard panel left, it's a cushion size, there are some off cuts too, maybe I'll make a couple of pillow shams. There is certainly enough for at least one.
Tony treated himself to a kindle back in January. I've been threatening to make a cover for it ever since. Seems he was chatting with the boys at work yesterday about kindles and looking after them. He came home and announced that he has 'orders' for two please. Guess what my next project will be? Blokey kindle covers!


Miss 376 said...

What a good day you had, this looks fantastic

Cath said...

Beautiful finish , bet your Mum will be pleased .
Dare you to put some pink on the blokey kindle covers , lol. X

Janice said...

Well done on your finish. It does sound like you are due for a new start.