Thursday, 3 March 2011

Harbourside Happenings.

I promised I'd take my camera when I went for milk yesterday. It was a lovely day, lots of sunshine. Where I stopped here to take this image I was in the shade of a converted warehouse.
It was cold in the shadows, but the moment I stepped into the sun, my black coat absorbed the heat and I was cosy again. The warehouse is apartments now, but I remember seeing great bales of wool being hoisted in and out all ready to be exported. I'll try to remember to get a picture of that another time.
Look how still the water was. Here I'm looking across the harbour to the ship yard. Not the huge yards you'd see in Belfast or on the Tyne, but still a working yard. That vessel on the slip has been there for a couple of years, she's undergoing a complete refit. If you follow the water to the left of this picture you go upriver, under a bridge and into the nature reserve. If you go to the right, there is another arm to the harbour, a footpath along it leads to a public park with a childrens playground and boating lake. Aerial map of Ramsey showing the harbour layout.
Some of the resident wildlife saw me lingering and arrived all hopeful and expectant.
There are several varieties of water fowl who make their home on and around our harbour. We have a large population of ducks and there are always several swans about too.
There are also some regular visitors depending on the season, including more swans, (They are mute swans) and various breeds of geese. Herons nest up river and are frequently seen fishing in the harbour as are cormorants.
Could you use a laugh? A quick cheer up? Look here to see what this guy got up to on a sleep over.
Well that's me and my news. I'm off to knit. Have a good day.


MrsB said...

I love your pictures of Ramsey harbour - I lived there for a short while (a year) back in the 80s - started in Douglas, worked in Peel, dated a guy from Bride, and stayed in Ramsey quite often...Lots of memories! I've never made it back, but hope to at some point...

AnnieO said...

I enjoyed your harbor tour--quite a lovely and serene day for your walk.

Thanks for the shout out, Lou!

Ali Honey said...

That placid clear water looks beautiful. It looks such a peaceful place.

Enjoyed the sleepover. Very funny.

Kayjay in New Zealand said...

Hi Loulee, thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your photos. What a beautiful serene place. I'm glad it's warming up a little over there.