Sunday, 6 March 2011


I've been meaning to show you this beauty for a while. Mum bought me this plant a couple of years ago and it's never stopped flowering. This latest bloom has to be the best yet.
I know it by two names Kalanchoe or Flaming Katie. It's clicky if you want a better look.
It sits on the bathroom window sill, above the most important seat in the house. While I was in there, sleeves up scrubbing away, the sun was shining through the window and it just looked beautiful. Typically, by the time I'd taken off the gloves and fetched the camera the sun was hiding, but I took the picture anyway, all those golden blooms don't need sunshine to look beautiful.
I completed the bag lining yesterday as planned, and the zipper behaved perfectly. :-) So finish number one is accomplished. Finish number two is almost upon me. I picked up the last of the Christmas mopping up projects. My SIL Angie didn't get a hat to go with her scarf and mitts, she's been waiting ever since. This could be her lucky day, I really am that close to finishing it. The new project I cast on just wasn't working, another of those times when the pattern just wouldn't stay in my head, I kept making the most silly mistake, always the same one! LOL So I've abandoned that for now. I think someone was trying to tell me something. So after two relatively quick finishes, I have only the longer haul projects left. LOL
My tidy up in the sewing room revealed that the makings of at least four projects remain in Mums pile! Two could be quick finishes, the others will require a bit more time and thought. Though to be honest, what was the least inspiring bundle has been talking to me, ever since I read this post.
My tidy up forced me to put a bit more thought into my goals. The rules have changes slightly! No I'm still not allowing myself any new starts! No new knitting starts once Angie's hat is complete, if I want to knit I work on my blanket if I don't want to do that, I'll have to cross stitch. That's downstairs taken care of.
Upstairs, where the patching and quilting takes place, I want to clear out Mums fabrics, but I don't want to commit to just those, so if I need a break from them, I get to work on the Butterfly Fling quilt for Freya.
Does any of that makes sense? Still with me? Lets simplify this, I think I need it even if you don't.
No new starts until I complete.
1) Two of Mums projects, one quick, one longer.
2) One cross stitch project.
3) Freya's quilt.
Wow, I don't think I've ever spelled it out quite like that before.
I'm off to smear marinade over the chicken pieces, then I'll finish the last few rows of Angie's hat.


Ali Honey said...

You can do it!

Cath said...

Your plany looks lovely . I've had a few of those , but usually get the red ones.
Good luck with your goals .X

Janice said...

What a stunning bloom. A great gift from your mum. You are being very disciplined. I'm sure you will meet your goals.

BubzRugz said...

I didn't know the name of the plant... I have soem in the garden but they don't look as happy... maybe they would prefer to be inside??