Tuesday, 8 March 2011

WIPs and Upstairs Downstairs.

I thought I might show you my cross stitch WIPs. Maybe that will help with completion! First up is a piece which I inherited from one of my service users. I'm really not sure I like this one, but I'll finish it anyway.
I haven't done a huge amount to it, here's after and before! LOL
I'm not sure what will happen to this once it's done.
Next up is a piece I've been working on and off for about 6 years. 'Floral trio' is about 2/3 done, with only the back stitch on the Clematis and a hydrangea left to stitch.
I set out doing this one for mum, but she has since announced that she has no wall space left? Maybe a cushion?
This one has been seen more recently, like in the last two years recently. LOL
'Endangered babies' is also almost complete. I used to be a prolific cross stitcher, until I was seduced by patchwork and quilting.
My plan is to complete all three of these cross stitch before I'm allowed to cast on any more knitting, or indeed, begin a new cross stitch. Even though I don't really like the teddy bear piece, I have enjoyed working on it over the last couple of evenings. So that's down stairs. Upstairs nothing has changed, the sewing room is all tidy after the other day and I didn't get a chance to mess it up again. I'm sure I'll remedy that tomorrow, I have a late shift!
You know when you find out you have to take some time off? I was certain I had used up all of the Time off in lieu I worked up last year, but my line manager just told me today that I have 22 hours to use! Bonus. :-) Then she got stressed out trying to cover some of my shifts so I can use it. I have two shifts covered already, one to go. Extra time off, means extra time to play. :-)


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely surprise, days off are always a bonus

black bear cabin said...

i was wondering if you ever finished that endangered babies piece...you were really crankin away on it! it looks cute :)
enjoy those extra days off...im sure youll find something fun to do with the time, and remember, no cleaning on vacation days!

Cath said...

Enjoy your days off . good luck with the stitching projects .X

Mad about Craft said...

I've just posted about my cross stitch wips but I've got at least 2 posts to go to blog about them all.

Prehaps we can have a been of good natured competation with our wips? Maybe a small forfeit in the shape of a FQ or 2 if we don't get a wip done in a certain time?

Let me know what you think.

Farm Girl said...

Lovely X-stitches, you're making great progress on the teddy one. Enjoy your time off!

Jewells said...

OH! How could you not just love that Teddy Bear cross stitch?? I have been watching with envy all the posts about it... it is "sssoooo" cute!..cheers!