Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Liberty bell angels

I saw my doctor yesterday, she says I've pulled a ligament in my back. I have to rest and may be off work for a while. I've been getting on with all manner of things. Yesterday morning I was busy with some stitchery. Then later I picked up some knitting. I've been playing about with Kitty for a while, working a couple of rows here and there
 I finished him off last night. He doesn't want to sit very nicely though, I may open him up and add a little more stuffing and a stone, to see if that helps. I think he may also get a change of collar, perhaps brown or orange, I fancy making him seasonal.
Hunney was playing Assassins Creed, (He's on his second time around) so I looked about for something else to do, and came up with the kits to make Liberty Bell Angels.
The first one was a bit fiddley, but once I knew what I was doing they were surprisingly quick to make. I have three golden angels hanging from the cupboard drawer handles.
Right, I'm off to see what I can get upto today.


Miss 376 said...

love kitty, he looks a lot quieter than the ones I have here

AnnieO said...

Cute kitty! And lovely angels.

Sorry you've hurt your back and hope it feels better very soon.

I'm assuming Assasin's Creed is a videogame...

Mad about Craft said...

Sorry about your back but I hope you manage to enjoy some crafty time

Jenny said...

Hello to your new pussy.

The angels are so cute - want to tell us how you made them?

Kris said...

I hope you are up to all sorts of crafty goodness! That kitty-cat is so cute!