Sunday, 27 May 2012

Catch Up.

What beautiful weather we're having here in the good old British Isles. I could get used to this. There is a down side though, it's far too hot to sit under my big crochet blanket. Look! See how big it's getting, 38 inches. I bought some more yarn for it, but as I said, it's just too warm to play here at the moment, so I've put it away for a while.
 You know me though, I can't sit and do nothing when I'm watching TV with my Hunney. So I started a smaller project. The colours are a bit off in this picture, the blue and cream are ok, but that green on the end is way off and no matter what I try, I can't get it right. 
 This project will go into my hope chest. I hope one day to have grand children! LOL
Mr Heron has been a bit slack lately in the flowers department, so when I saw this big jug begging for a loving home in a local charity shop, I knew it had to come home with me. We arrived via the florist and a huge bunch of Lisanthus and gypsy. 
I'm off to bask in the sunshine.


Lurline said...

A lovely Post, Loulee! So good to catch up - you sound so happy these days.
Hugs - Lurline!

AnnieO said...

Hooray for good weather! Your new project is really pretty, and congrats on getting so much done on the big one. Pretty flowers! My mom gave me a vase today that needs filling too :)

Janice said...

What a subtle way to get flowers. They look gorgeous. I see you've really taken to crochet now.