Friday 25 May 2012

Fun Time

As I suggested earlier today in the last post, I had me some fun time today. I made a few more of my Black, white and grey blocks. These are a few shops own charm packs. I'm waiting for more to arrive, but they will be special charms, Janice offered to send some of her off cuts from a recent, similar coloured project. Thank you Janice.
 I also had time to make a start on the quilting, just simple stuff, echoing the seams. I'm using up that nasty polyester batting I learned my lesson about, so wanted to keep things simple. Besides, if you know me, then you know that less is more!! In an effort to inject a little more colour, I'm using some variegated thread which has a lot of red in it.
Then, I couldn't resist putting two blocks together, using a quilt as I go method.
I cut strips of black to 1.5 inches wide then pressed the edges to the middle of the strip, I sewed it on as usual right sides together with a quarter inch seam. The using a 2.5 inch strip of red, with it's edges pressed to the middle, I top stitched it into place on the front. 
Works for me.  :-)
I stopped there for lunch, then quickly put in a row of my crochet. Now it's time to get ready for work.


Janice said...

Looking good. Your squares are on their way.

Lynda said...

The red is a perfect addition!