Friday, 18 May 2012

It's curtains!

The problem with going on holiday is, you have to come home again!! We're settling back into our routines and our work. I was barely through the door when I was presented with two pairs of curtains. Will I take them up please. One of the respite rooms is having a face lift, but we need them done by next Wednesday. So I get to spend my day off work, doing stuff for work!
 I can't have you leaving having seen only boring beige curtains, so here's a look at the beautiful orchid my Hunney bought me as an Easter gift.
There were a lot more buds, but I forgot and left her feet in water for a day or two. Bad Loulee, orchids like to be well drained.
Right, where is my seam ripper, I have 30 feet of curtain tape to remove.


Diane-crewe said...

next time DO NOT tell them when you are due back!! lol x

Gari said...

I have never seen a blue orchid before: beautiful. I think that people think that if you sew you really want to do mending and heming. Not so, huh?