Thursday, 6 June 2013

Something Crafty!

It's a beautiful sunny day out there, wall to wall sunshine in fact, so what am I doing? Playing indoors of course. Well you can have too much of a good thing you know. I decided it was time to get my play room sorted out. What you see here was our sitting room, when we moved back in. See here.  For a while there it was a dumping room as we sorted through mums belongings. Tony and I would agree on what we would require for living here and everything else got dumped up here. As everything was cleared I started to turn it into my play room. I moved my sewing machine out of it's cramped little corner and spread myself out a bit, but I never really finished getting it sorted.
I still didn't, but you have to admit, it looks better than it did a couple of hours ago. Finding the table was a great start. And just putting things away helped too.
 Here's one thing I put away. It was wrapped up in a plastic bag, well that is gone, it's now wrapped in paper.
 Mum gave it to me just before Christmas. She started it when she was a little girl, but never finished it.
 She says she did get it out one day, when I was little and was going to do a bit to it, then the phone rang and by the time she had sorted out whatever that was about, it was almost time to come get me from school, so she put it away again. Which is exactly what I did. Maybe one day.
 I also came across this. I had marked it with blue pen and started to quilt it. I wasn't happy with the quilting and had stopped. I sat this morning and ripped out the quilting, then let it soak in a cold bath for a while, before pegging it out to drip dry. I'm sure you've seen it before, it's been around for a while. LOL
After all of that I sorted out a project to be getting on with. Yes, you've seen this before too. I took it off the roller frame and popped it into the hoop in order to make it a little more portable. Don't hold your breath.
And I couldn't resist, I just had to show you my home made 'snot soup' Thanks son!! It may look like snot, but it tastes like sweet green veggies. :-)

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Janice said...

Good to see you feeling crafty. Now that your craft room is looking fabulous, do you want to quickly pop over here and sort out mine? It is an absolute disaster and Mick is starting to make serious hints about chucking stuff out!!!! Eek!! That son of yours is a bit cheeky!! Snot soup indeed. How dare he. LOL I bet it tastes scrummy.