Sunday, 18 August 2013


No strip tease today, but I do have a quick cross stitch update.
It's almost complete, there is a bit of filling in to do at the bottom of the wing and a little moon to put in between the layers of wing. The picture is clicky if you want a closer look.
I spent nearly all day with her yesterday, while it rained and rained.
I frogged out a load of beads from the middle of her wing, they just didn't seem to sit right, they just felt wrong. I tried a couple of different coloured threads as a substitute and settled on the second, I feel much happier with things the way they are now.
I got together with Janice and her hubby on Wednesday. That was fun, we had a walk around a local garden and a wander along the prom and the breakwater, before I cooked dinner for them here. It was great to meet up with them again. They will be here again this evening for a Sunday roast, along with some other guests. I have a few jobs to do to prepare for that, but maybe I'll get time to stitch some more too. :-)

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QuiltSue said...

Your cross stitch looks great. You're almost finished from the look of it?

Hope you enjoyed your meal last night.