Friday, 30 August 2013


The endangered species collage is all finished. Such a mouthful that! I much prefer my own title for it. Endangered babies. 
I finished it off yesterday afternoon. All of the back stitching is done, I even couched on some whiskers.
It's such a sweet design, I love it.
I'll be putting it away with my fairy and may get it framed once we have our place in NZ.
Meanwhile, I had a go at the headless Santa last night.(Scroll down a bit) Poor Santa, no I didn't 'start' with his head, I've come in at the bottom near his feet. LOL
The lady who started him was concentrating on the main design, there is plenty of back ground to complete and a border, a very repetitive border with loads of back stitch. I don't want to be stuck doing that at the end, my plan is to get myself into a position to make in roads on that asap, then I'll peck away at it for a while before taking a break and going at some of the back ground.  So once I've made a noticeable difference, I'll post a picture. 
Stitching will be a little different for a few days! I picked up contact lenses today. I had a trial session last week, for just 10 minutes, then I had a quick lesson at getting them in and out this morning and was allowed to leave the office wearing them today. 
I'm really not sure about them. Everything seems a little blurred. In order to see the monitor I had to either sit so far away I couldn't reach to type, or wear my readers!!
I'm long sighted and usually wear my specs all day long, I use a magnifying glass to see my stitching and pop readers over the top of my specs for difficult text, (usually in the kitchen for reading silly coloured writing on silly coloured packaging. Plain old black and white is fine). In the two hours since I put these lenses in I've had to reach for my readers far too often! (Sigh) 
I'll stick with them for a while and see what happens. I have just over a week of daily lenses here. Wish me luck.


Cath said...

Beautiful finish. xxx

Good luck with the lenses. I had them once , but couldn't get on with them . I was told I didn't blink often enough as within an hour or so , they were fugged up . Haven't bothered since ,lol. x

QuiltSue said...

Well done on finishing that cute cross stitch.

Now I'll look forward to seeing headless santa progressing.

I hope you get used to the lenses soon.