Saturday, 3 August 2013

Got a new toy....

And also some new books. I've come across Eleanor Burns before, in fact I have another of her books up on my shelf, but I had never seen any of her videos! Oh my, I know that she is not to every ones taste, but she was just what I needed. On a miserable, grey, wet, wild and windy day she brought a ray of sunshine. I'm sure the purists among you will be crying out Nooooo! Don't do it, but I really do like her simplified methods of doing things. Even the history lessons were interesting. I waited impatiently for this book to arrive, over a week! To find it is written almost exactly as the sunny effusive commentary in the videos was, wonderful. Eleanor's enthusiasm for her craft came over even in print. Me thinks I'll be playing in my sewing room very soon.
Another new book arrived much quicker. I enjoyed looking through it. It promotes a quilt as you go technique which I have used before, sadly the patterns for the tops/bottoms were not as varied as I hoped. I may have fun with it one day.
Now then about my new toy. It is toy sized, but it is a working sewing machine! It looks tiny sat here next to Jenny Janome. There is a charity shop just on the corner of the street. (This town is full of them) And I first spotted this little girl when I dropped some items in two weeks ago, she whispered to me then, but I brushed it off. She has continued to whisper, each and every time I pass the shop. Then the other day, she had moved to the window! I vowed that if she was still there next time I passed by, she would become mine.Well today it has finally stopped raining after 4 days and  I had to go out to get milk,  she was still there, so on the way home I popped in a bought her for the princely sum of five whole pounds!
Meet Poppet. Look, she even has her original box.
 I've had a play and she does need a little bit of attention, her upper tension is a little tight and I suspect someones daddy or brother has been fiddling with her internals. I shall set my engineer onto her and see what he can do.  Look she even has a tiny little presser foot!
She does have a mains inlet, but no power cables, but the box says they were not included, she runs perfectly well on 4 AA batteries. The accessories were all with her. Sadly no instruction booklet, though there is no mention of one on her box, so maybe there never was one. 

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Diane-crewe said...

I have a couple of her books .. no problem to use them for me xx plus can watch the videos if not use .. even better x