Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lots more.

I've been busy over the last few days with some not so crafty things. You know, housework and boring stuff like that. Tony and I also had a lovely day out with Janice and Mick yesterday watching the motorcycle racing. It was a lovely sunny day and today I have a very red nose! LOL Janice and I sneaked off during a break in the racing had a look at some shops, we were both very good, I bought nothing and Janice only bought one fat quarter and a cute wee birdie ornament. It's been great to be able to spend so much time with them. On their previous visits I've had to work and we've fitted in quick visits during my days off. 
I made these pretty crochet coasters some time ago, they were for my Pen Pal, more recently I made another similar set for Janice, I forgot to take their photo!
My beautiful batiks have gotten stuck at this point! They need pressing and another pair of strips sewing onto each side before I begin to put the blocks together.
I'm just having so much fun with my cross stitch at the moment, that it seems like everything else is being neglected.
I do need to find my quiltyness again though, my sister had a bit of a surprise the other day when her son Jacob Joseph arrived early! All 6lb 2oz of him arrived on her bathroom floor!
 My latest purchases may be a bit too girly!
What a shame..... I need to go shopping for some blues.
I should have gotten some yesterday when I was shopping with Janice.
And for those awaiting a cross stitch update, here it is. This is taking much longer to complete than I anticipated! I keep finding areas that I didn't back stitch. There is also quite a lot of colour changing in that little kitty cat, not to mention I made a mistake the other day, fortunately I only had to rip out about 6 stitches.
I'm itching for this one to be done now. I ready to move on, but I daren't take my attention away from this one again. It needs to be finished.
I'm off to apply Aloe to my nose, then it's time to stitch.


QuiltSue said...

Maybe you're not feeling "quilty" at the moment, but you are still being very productive on other craft things.

Ali Honey said...

I look forward to having you as new Kiwis....but who is going to report on things Manx then?
( from no tail to no wings! )