Friday, 23 August 2013

Stitchy update

To anyone waiting for a quilty update, I'm really sorry, but I'm loving my cross stitch at the moment.
If you look back a couple of posts, you'll see that I've completed all the back stitch in the seal and the tiger, it only took 6-7 hours! LOL Worth every stitch though.
Since I pulled it back out I have also completed the panda and most of it's back stitch. The other little cat, a cheetah I think has progressed since I took this photo yesterday. The result of a sleepless night. I plan to do more of him today, with a nap in there somewhere.
I've had a few questions recently about my move to NZ.
What can I say?
We're waiting for my husbands employer to announce his redundancy. As he is the IT manager he gave a guarantee that he would stay until the end. (Besides, we want/need the redundancy payout!) The department is down to just two people now and the other chap is actively seeking work, he has a new baby and must be in stable employment. At the last staff meeting the remaining dozen staff sat around one table and were told the target for final closure is the end of November. But that is only a target, we can't book our flights yet, they may run over!
So the upshot is, I can't give you a date.
Someone else also asked if I would change the name of my blog once we had moved.
I will always be Manx. LOL
So I will keep the Manxgirl title, but I may add a sub heading.
Something about being abroad or going down under. I'll see what comes up, when the time (Eventually) comes.
Meanwhile I do have a few hoops to jump through. We are busy compiling paperwork that proves our 11 year relationship. My son and I have to have medical exams, produce a Criminal records check and complete a huge form each, in order to apply for our residency visas. 
Right, cuppa tea and some needle time.

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Gari in AL said...

You need to do all that to be able to move to NZ? They are really careful, aren't they? Love your crossstitch, it is beautiful. I did a little several years ago but got bored with it: did finish the one I was working on but did no more. How cool we all like different things: so much beauty.