Friday, 14 March 2014

Things to do.....

This morning I went for a walk in the beautiful Timaru Scenic reserve. I wish I had taken the camera. It was beautiful, I will be a regular visitor for sure and will take my camera along soon I promise. 
There are two entrances close to where we are staying with our in laws and I walked along to the one at the very end of the reserve, then I walked and walked, enjoying the scenery and listening to the birds. Once I got home I had a look at my route and realised that when I turned around to come back again I was actually at the far end of the reserve and very close to the rental property we will be moving into on 22nd March! Happy days, makes it very easy for me to get in there regularly.
It's not all been about walking and exploring though, I've been busy with my new crochet project. I'm about half way through the yarn I bought on my first visit to the Sally Army shop. 
I shall have to go back soon! I also plan to look about for other OP shops to see if they too have a yarn bin.
 I took this picture while sat in the garden, it's a wonderfully sunny day so the image is a little washed out, but you can still see how much it has grown.
being reclaimed yarn and hand wound balls I had to guess at the weight and type of yarn. Now that I have worked with it I'm certain I have DK (8ply) weight yarns here in pure wool. They are lovely to work with, even though they are all wriggly from being previously knitted!
Tony has come to the end of his first week at his new job and seems to be happy enough with it, but one week really is no time at all.
Joe started his new job today. Already he has gone from 3 days (21Hours) to 4 days a week! So he is happy too.
Me? I'm still looking.
Tony is still very supportive.


Cath said...

How lovely for you to explore around your new home. I do hope you will take the camera next time, I would love to see pics. NZ is such a beautiful place. The pattern you are working on is really lovely and I like the greys together. Lets hope you can find some other yarns to match nicely
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you are beginning to selltle and find your feet x AND will have your own place to call home very soon x nice to hear the sun is shining .. we are shrouded in fog at the moment xx

AnnieO said...

Love the new crochet project. Our op stores never seem to have crafty stuff in any good amount. You're lucky! Glad work has been found for two and am sure you'll find something suitable soon. Look forward to nature pics!

Nicky said...

It's growing quickly, looking good.
Rome(nor Timaru) was not built in a day, the right job opportunity will come along in good time....