Tuesday, 17 June 2014

They found it!!

Pickfords found and delivered my sewing table last week!!
Huge improvement in my playroom, actually having a table out there. Tony also bought a heater as the heat pump just doesn't get that far!
 I'm still not settled though, there is too much still in boxes! It took me an age to find my roller blade the other day and I gave up looking for elastic, I went out and bought some! 
I need another set of drawers or a dresser in there. 
I keep on reminding myself that it will all happen, eventually.
So, while I still can't settle with my sewing machines, I have been working on my cross stitch.
I didn't get to spend as much time as I had hoped with her, but at least I did manage to catch up on all the back stitches. 
All the leaves and flowers are now looking more defined as are her crown and hair pins.
I spent a lovely afternoon with David Attenborough yesterday getting that done. I think he may be good company this afternoon too, I want to see if I can get the fan completed today.
I always have company when I sit and stitch. I have placed feeders outside both the playroom and sitting room windows. They are very busy with dozens of birds visiting.
 Of course, whenever I try to sneak up with the camera, most of them fly away.
Here you see a native bird called the white/wax eye.They arrive in flocks of over a dozen. What a quarrelsome bunch! There are constant spits and spats over whose turn it is on the feeder and how long is polite to stay! then the whole lot take off in a hurry when the starlings arrive.
There are also sparrows and goldfinches who visit regularly too. 
I love to see them all, but the goings on amid the white eyes is the most entertaining.


Margaret said...

Great that they found your table and that you are slowly getting settled in.

Diane-crewe said...

it may be taking a while .. but just think back a couple of weeks before your container arrived ... SEE.. much better now x So glad your table was found xx

QuiltSue said...

What good news about the table. You're getting there, it seems.

Those birds seem like they could be loads of fun to watch.

QuiltSue said...

Flippin Blogger sent me off into cyberspace and abandoned me there it seems.

What I was saying was that it was good news about the table. It seems as though you're gradually getting settled in.

The white-eyes look like they'd be fun to watch too.

Janice said...

Yay! A table does make a difference. Everything will come together in time. At least you will be snug now you have a heater. We have a similar bird over here, called a silver eye. At my grandmother's they used to be a nuisance in the orchards. I don't know if I've seen any here at home or not. They certainly aren't usually here.

Cardygirl said...

It is so hard to settle after a big move...I still can't find some things! Love your sewing spot!

AnnieO said...

Oh, yea for a work table! Lovely cross stitch. How fun to watch the feeder fights! Birds don't like our cat so stay out of the yard. Your playroom is looking good so far!

Jewells said...

Now your sewing room is REALLY coming together!