Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stash Acquisition.

 Since we moved into our own little rental, I don't visit the Sally shop as often as I was doing. It's no longer on my way to anywhere! I do still make the effort to call in every couple of weeks though, especially when a friend tips me off that they have restocked their yarn baskets.
 I have quite a haul now and I guess it's time to come clean and admit just how much stash I have acquired!
It would have been criminal to leave this pretty green in the shop.
Shame there wasn't more of that variegated yarn, it goes very nicely with the green.
 I've started collecting little colourful bundles for my next scrappy adventure.
 And my collection of naturals is also growing. There is almost enough to make another BIG blanket.
Last time I visited I noticed that there had been a big tidy up and an influx of other needlecraft items. A quick dig through the pattern box brought up these two wall quilt patterns.
So they came home with me too!
I have a finish and two WIPs to show off, but I'll save those for another day.
Still no word on my sewing table, I'll chase them up later today.
Might start looking at prices for replacements too. :-(


Gari in AL said...

Nice stash. Looking forward to seeing what you will be making.

AnnieO said...

Look at that! I don't hit the thrift shops often but when I look, there are hardly ever crafty type items of any abundance. Good score! Hope you get satisfaction from the shipping co.

Diane-crewe said...

now you have to keep visiting .. because they might have another clear out ... and just see what you might miss out on !! lol x

Janice said...

Score! It's definitely worth popping in to the op shop every now and then.