Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Yay! At last we have internet!

So now I get to bore you with pictures of our new home! Hehe.
I think all of the furniture is now settled with the exception of a large bookcase which arrived after I had installed this tree!
There is more than enough room in this massive hallway to accommodate a much larger tree. LOL
But this one will do just fine, and after Christmas I'll move the book case and hang some more pictures. For now I've put up only Christmas pictures.
 Of course, if you know me at all, then you will know that there must be two trees.
My red and gold tree is in the sitting room this year.
 It is sporting my wonderful new SSCS ornament.
Thank you again to Shez and Elf Chooky.
We have already sat out here several times to eat meals, it is a lovely spot to rest, out of the sun, but still nice and warm.
While I was outside I snapped a quick pic of the window of my room. You can see my sewing machines in there!

Those bushes will be getting the chop soon, at least one of them will get the heave ho!
They block quite a bit of light.
The wee bed in the foreground will also be cleared and I'll fill it with lilies and maybe some roses.
Here is a question for you....
What shall I call this room?
1) My play room.
2) The sewing room.
3) The craft room.
4) The Studio.
Leave me a comment. I might even manage to rustle up a wee prize and pick a name out of a hat!
How are your Christmas plans and Christmas stitching coming along? 
All set?


Margaret said...

I'd go with The Studio. After all, you are a textile artist aren't you:-). The new house looks wonderful. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee,wow your new home is beautiful and I was tickled pink to see my ornament hanging on your lovely tree, I think your sewing room should be could your studio,it sounds like an inspiring room.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

all looks wonderful.......

Cath said...

The Craft Room .
Glad you're finally settled . Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxx

Janice said...

Look at all that space. Your trees look lovely, as always. I reckon you will spend loads of time on your deck. It's nice and wide, which makes it so very usable. Now, for your room. "The Studio" does sound like the home of a textile artist, as Margaret said, but "My Play Room" means that you don't have to actually be sewing or crafting all the time while in there. You can play with whatever takes your fancy, or just sit and read a book. And the "My" part makes it your special retreat when you have had enough of the boys.

Jewells said...

Defineately "The Studio". Have fun!

Gari in AL said...

I really like "studio" as it can be applied to any form of artistic endeavor. I find that I do different things in my studio but each is creative, just like you. I love your back deck and the great window in your studio.

Diane-crewe said...

oh !It all looks wonderful .. what about the Play Room xx lol x

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

How about The Studio? Your new home looks lovely

Maria said...

Beautiful photos of your new home.
It's interesting to read what folk think..
I like The Play Room..
My sewing room is called The Cave, as I like to hibernate in there.LOL

Deb said...

Loving the photos of your new home. Can't wait to see more photos. Your "Studio" will be beautiful with the sun pouring in. It will be so lovely to sit in there and create. How exciting to be spending christmas in your new home. Enjoy. Xx

Raewyn said...

I'll be interested to see what name you come up with - I never know what to call my 'special room' - DH called it 'The Palace' once and that does seem to be sticing! Nice to meet another kiwi blogger - I've discovered you in a roundabout way through Chooky's SSCS!!

QuiltSue said...

My Hidey-Hole or My Refuge are my suggestions.

Chookyblue...... said...

a room with a view?
My Sewing Isle..........keeps the Isle of Man part in........