Monday, 13 February 2017

A bit 'o' this and a bit 'o' that.

It's been a busy week, lots has happened, and some of it was even notable!!
A package sent from my son Jiffy Jonathan turned up. My Christmas gift was enclosed! LOL
Two large cuts of Manx tartans.
I shall have a long think about what to make with those.
I mentioned previously about the local supermarkets recent gardening promotion. Each time I shopped I was handed a few of these wee boxes, according to how big my grocery bill was.
A lot of what is growing in my garden this summer is thanks to New World Little Garden.
Well the other day I planted some more lettuce and some more broccoli.
I was amazed at how quickly they germinated and yesterday I took a photo, to show you what comes in the wee box. 
What a difference a day makes! 
The picture below was taken today, probably less than 24 hours later!
They are growing fast. It will be time to pot them on in a few days!
On a crafty note, my mission to use up scraps and left overs is progressing.
If I keep going the way I am, this wee blanket will end up long and thin.
Might have a rethink.
Mr Heron is feeling somewhat under the weather today, so decided to take a day off work.
We decided that it would be nice to celebrate Valentines today as we are together, rather than tomorrow when one or both of us will be back at work.
I had a word with cupid and mentioned that rather than flowers, he might like to get me that latest book in a series I have discovered here in NZ.
The author is the owner of two very successful healthy, clean eating establishments in Auckland.
While Tony and I don't subscribe 100% to his dietary principles, I do enjoy his recipe books and use many of the recipes.
his one has more sweet treats than previous books. That one at the top of the front cover looks particularly yummy.
For him, I was equally romantic and purchased a few little items he wanted for in his crafty den. And a pair of good sharp scissors, to stop him pinching er borrowing mine!
Speaking of my Hunney.
It's not just stitchy crafting that is creatively messy!!
Would you look at his table.
All that mess to create this tiny wee aircraft!!
Here is is, all finished!
A Focke Wulf
Of course you all know, a finish means a start.
He may be too ill to go to work, but as I type he is perched in his den, reading the instructions for the next one. a MkIX Spitfire!!
I'm off to drool over my new book and see if I need to add anything to the grocery list.


Diane-crewe said...

well .. your parcel arrived .. eventually x lol .. what a wonderful time you have been having .. I am sure your husband knows that a "messy" table is a sign of "fun and productivity " lol xx

Janice said...

A lovely, newsy post. We know not to interrupt either of you while you are engrossed with your plane and your book. I wonder what you will create with your tartan? Aren't the little gardens a great idea and fun as well. You are going great with your rug. It will be finished in no time.

Raewyn said...

We got too excited and planted all out Little Gardens at once - we would have been better to wait for some! Such a good promotion - I hope they do it another time! The Tartans look great - and very special - any ideas yet what you will do with them? I've heard of the Revive cookbooks - and wondered what they were like - they sound worth having a look at!

Gari in AL said...

I have been thinking about setting up a little herb garden in the southern facing window of our kitchen. Just a little something new to do.