Sunday, 26 February 2017

A finish, a start and ......

Today has been another busy day in the kitchen. Mr Heron dared to suggest that as it was our day off work, he would be sitting in his little room doing some modeling. He suggested that I might like to spend time in my little room too, doing some of my thing.
Lovely idea, but....
I pointed out that I needed to do something with 6 - 7 kilo of tomatoes and that the spring onions needed picking and sorting out too, oh and then there is the laundry and the ironing to do, not to mention....
He stopped me there and offered to help.
He did the laundry and the ironing while I got on with the produce side of things.
From top to bottom in the first picture you see Tomato soup. Spring onion and potato soup, with home made veggie stock. And last but not least tomato sauce.
All cooling and waiting to go in to the freezer.
I finally got to sit down after 3pm.
He took breaks.
Any whooo, that done, it's time for the crafty stuff.
I really don't have the energy to even potter in my wee room, so crochet it is.
A finish! This wee blanket is just the right size to fit on a crib or bassinet, or maybe even a pram.
The yarn is made from recycled denim. I had some fun trying to fill the valleys and square things off a bit, but got there in the end.
There is still about  a ball and a half of the yarn left, but I didn't want to make this any bigger. So back into the cupboard they went to await inspiration.
Next up!
Out came a big paper bag of assorted yarns. Which I separated into sort of light and dark values.
here is a better look at the darker values in the bottom of the bag.
My photography really doesn't do them any justice.
This really is a mixed bag of yarn. There is some wool, some man made fibers. There is all manner of weights from very fine, which I will double up, to bulky weight. There is a mix of my own left overs and some which I purchased from the Sally shop along the road, where I evenfound quite a few skeins of tapestry yarn to add to the mix! 
Also in the bag were six granny squares which I had made previously, before losing interest.
After a bit of pondering, googling and pinteresting I decided to join the squares and work rows of colour, sort of alternating between light and dark yarns.
I considered rows of granny stripes but wanted to do something a bit different, so opted for these thin rows.
I don't like it!
Those thin little rows of colour don't look right.
They are too thin next to the lovely bright granny squares.
I do like the granny squares.
Such lovely cosy looking mixes of colour.
So today, now that I finally have some time for crafting...
I shall be un crocheting!!
The stripes have to go!
Maybe I'll stick to squares?
We're going away for a few days next week and a bag of  goodies for making squares will be easier to transport that a great big half made stripey blanket!!
I'm off to start ripping!


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I just came across your blog. I'm fairly new to blogging. Your soups look delicious. I've never frozen soups before, but I think you've inspired me to try to do this next summer. You're baby piece from the denim yarn is beautiful.

Diane-crewe said...

so wonderful that you can work as a team ... and both get to "some" of what you love .. as well as the "usual" work at home xx

Maria said...

Nice to share the house jobs and enjoy some fun time too.

Raewyn said...

The blue baby blanket is lovely - the recycled denim yarn sounds intriguing, I'm guessing it's a cotton yarn? Good on you with your preserving; you're going to eat well this winter! I look forward to seeing what you do with the crocheted granny squares :-)

Janice said...

You certainly have been productive in the kitchen as well as with your crochet. Your produce will make the basis of many a winter meal....which is what it is all about. I've ended up with some tapestry wool too. It is perfect for granny squares. Nice, colourful, 8-ply pure wool. I can understand that the individual stripes are too thin. Grannies may be the way to go, with some wider stripes in between?? I'm sure whatever you come up with it will look great.