Sunday, 5 February 2017

It's the little things.

So, I mentioned previously that I had made myself a hot baggie to sit under my sore ankle.
I had filled it with rice, but it didn't seem to hold the heat very well.
I decided to try again using barley.
I had this wee lamb case that came holding a old style hot water bottle and made my barley bag so that it would fit in place of the water bottle. Much safer.
And yes, the barley holds heat better than rice.
Earlier that same day my colleague was telling about her sore back, she had pulled a muscle while busy in the garden. I could see by the way she was moving that she was still pretty uncomfortable.
So I decided to make one for her too.
I gave it to her the next day, she was very touched that I should think of her and make something to help.  I do hope she found a way to get it to sit against her poor back once she got home. Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference.

I have one or two other small items I plan to make in the near future. It's been so long since I spent any time in my wee room, I have enjoyed making these little items.
I'm nearing another crochet finish, just the border to go, so maybe pictures of that next time.
And finally last nights tea.
Home grown coleslaw.
I finally pulled one of my cabbages.
There are/were only two.
After I had pulled it I discovered that cabbage, like the fennel would have re-sprouted had I left the roots in the ground! I wish I had known. I'll try it with the second one when I am ready for it.
I have to say, I'm really enjoying having a garden, growing my own food and all of this wonderful stuff I'm learning. 


Maria said...

What a lovely thought to make and gift a Heat Pack to your work mate... I put wheat in my heat packs...

Bet your Coleslaw was nice !!

Janice said...

What a great idea to put your heat pack inside the hottie cover. Super cute. I'm sure your friend will be very appreciative of her version. Enjoy your coleslaw.

Diane-crewe said...

what a lovely little pocket for your heat pad xx

Raewyn said...

Would never have thought of using something different, like barley for the heat pad - glad you had a good result with it! The cat one you made for your friend is a lovely thoughtful gift. Homegrown coleslaw - fabulous!