Monday, 3 April 2017

I quilted!!

I did honest.
It's only a tiny quilt, but a quilt none the less.
I made a quilted cover for my new wee friend.
It fits beautifully.
I even stitched on a tiny fairy to keep her company.
I really need to make these for all of my machines, not just Orphan Annie!
Sadly she is not wearing her new coat at the moment, she is currently in bits on the floor of his room, while maintenance and repairs take place.
Tony did manage to get the light working again and was able to 'jump start' the sewing process by winding the fly wheel while pressing the pedal!! When he let go of the wheel the needle continued to bob up and down for a while.
She is currently soaking up CRC.
I hope that soon I might have her back, all in one piece and wrapped up warm.
Then I shall have to find a home for her.
With that in mind I went into my wee room yesterday and had a tidy up. I found the table and had a sort out there. I emptied a junk drawer and put lots of things away.
Found a hook and hung a few items off the side of a shelving unit. A WIP that stalled sometime ago was boxed up and tucked into the cupboard. It's all looking a lot less cluttered in there just now.
Then I started on my yarn collection! Debbie had given me a bunch of yarn which needed to be put away and I was finished with my latest scrappy project and needed to put away the left overs from that too. Then I needed to sort out yarn for the next project!
I'll get to that presently.
First, here is the finished scrappy project.
It is brighter and more colourful in real life, but the days are so dull and gloomy at the moment I'm struggling to get a true colour likeness of it!
I finished off with three rounds of grannys in a navy blue and called time.
Belle likes it!
So While I was clearing up and sorting yarn, I came across this piece that was fiddling with last year. I was trying out different stitches and just really had no real direction for it. I had put it away while I had a think about what to do next.
 When I came across it yesterday I found that I had done a simple creamy white border around the whole thing. I tried a few different border treatments, but didn't like any of them, not even the addition a another row of single crochet. So I gave up and called time on this one too, leaving it with a very simple and very narrow round of single crochet.
It's a bit of an odd shape, probably because of the way I added panels on and I'm sure I managed to add to the row ends on more than one occasion! LOL
But I really don't mind, it is so cosy and warm and who is going to see a wavy end when they are all wrapped up in it?
Hmm, I find I haven't yet taken a photo of the new start, or the tidy room!!
Lets pretend I'm saving those for next time.


AnnieO said...

Tidying up leads to dim and mysterious places! Cute quilt for your little machine. Belle seems very cozy indeed. 😊

Jenny said...

That's a pretty little coat for your new baby!

Janice said...

Here's hoping Tony gets the blue baby going. I wonder what you will create now that you are getting your space a little organised?