Tuesday 25 April 2017

Quilted and bound!!

What's with Blogger today? It took me an age to upload photos and some just wouldn't come in at all!! How bizarre. 
Anyhoo, back to the listed billing.
I finished off the Nautical Code Flag quilt. Except for finding a snappy name for it!!
As you see below, I had a helper getting it all loaded into the quilting frame.
I think she likes it. Every opportunity she gets I find her sitting on some part of it.
I made sure to take lots of action shots!! LOL
It being so big I had to turn it just about two thirds of the way down as there was very little room left in the throat of my machine and the meander was getting smaller and smaller! LOL
Glad I did though, as I discovered that the top was actually 3 inches longer than the backing!!
Fortunately I had a piece cut from the side that fitted nicely across the bottom!
Yesterday after fixing that oversight I finished off the quilting, added binding and last night I closed it up and buried the thread ends.
It has a made by Loulee label, but no name label yet.
What to call it?
On the subject of finishes, I called it quits for this wee blanket a few days ago.
It still needs to have a quick rinse and be shaped and stretched. So many different stitches makes for wobbly sides! I'm not terribly pleased with this one. I should have limited my colour palette and some of those rows could be a lot tidier, but to  me they were new stitches and designs and a good practice sampler and someone will feel warm and loved as they snuggle under it.
Someone small! It's a good size for a pram or a crib.
Finishes mean starts right?
I already made a start on another crochet project. A third and final cream and brown blanket. I have two already made, they live on the back of the sitting room furniture a third one will complete the set. A certain fluffy member of this household likes to sit up there and leave liberal coatings of white fluff all over the tops of the chairs!  The blankets help to save the worst of that fluff getting ingrained!
(If you're not sure who that might be, please refer to the top photo in this post!)
As for new quilty starts. I've had a charm pack of 30s prints for some time, but was never really sure what to do with it, I always found patterns that required more charms than I had, or more meters of matching fabric. When I was in town with Claire yesterday she very kindly handed me the jelly roll you see below!! It wasn't on my list.
I've had that jelly roll in my hands, 2....3? times. Although it has the same colours and the same 30s feel to it, it is different fabrics to my charm pack so was always rejected.
It finally came home with me along with a few Kiwi fat quarters (More about them another time) and two cuts from the special basket.
Claire bought nothing!
Hmmm, maybe she is saving herself for Saturday?
On Saturday, there will be more shopping I suspect.
Three of us are taking a wee road trip South.
There are three shops we want to explore.
One is new to all three of us. She promised to have a hot kettle and biscuits!!
Right, I'm off to see if I can find the right pattern to use up these 30s fabrics and try to dream up the right name for this quilt.


Raewyn said...

Awesome that you have finished the nautical flags quilt, it doesn't seem to have taken you very long at all! It looks great, I'm sure your son will be pleased. Sounds like a good shopping trip, have fun finding a new project. Your crochet sampler is a cutie too.... I have one I'm dong just to use up yarn - all the same stitch, and sometimes I think it's getting a bit busy too but keep on going as I want it a similar size to a precious one! Blogger plays up from time to time for me but as our internet is not always the best I wonder if it's just me at my end - very frustrating though.

Janice said...

Wow! Two great finishes. Joe will be thrilled. Have fun with your new start and with your road trip.