Monday, 28 August 2017

Sunday Sewing

I spent some time in my wee room yesterday working on my bitty row top.
I cut fabrics for the row of bitty houses and then went onto sort fabrics for the bitty trees.
The trees are foundation pieced, something I haven't tried before. I decided there was no time like the present to give it a go.
I have to say, I am pleased with the results, but I find it rather wasteful, with lots of trimming off here and there, though I did get better at picking and aligning just the right piece of fabric as I progressed. 
Lots of those tiny off cuts were saved for future rows.
If there is one thing this project has done, it has taught me to rethink just exactly what is a scrap of fabric and what is truly too small to use!!
I still didn't sew the butterfly row. Maybe later today.
As you know I've been busy getting started on my next cross stitch project, Spring Queen.
While I was sorting the beads I discovered that I had mistakenly ordered the same colour twice.
As I was unable to get all of the colours I needed all in one place I became confused and ordered the same colour from two different suppliers, completely missing out on another colour.
As supplies arrived I put them away in the box, all together, then as I was getting everything ready I discovered my mistake. But I also found something else....
Both of these packs of beads are supposed to be the same colour. They are all sealed up and brand new. They have the same number on them, but clearly they are different!! The one on the right is the one that corresponds with what I had stashed from previous use, it will be used again.
I guess beads have dye lots, just as threads and yarns do, but that is one big difference!!
Oh well, I've put them away with a note and will use them in 'something' at 'some time' LOL
Just in case you are wondering, I did make a start on Queenie, but all there is to see is a creamy yellow blob with a slightly darker patch that will become one of the folds in her pretty frock.
And finally, a quick finish.
The Grinch.
He was completed on Thursday evening.
I know the very person who will be delighted to hang this fellow on her Christmas tree.
Although I probably won't be showing them off, I will continue to stitch a Christmas ornament each week until I have enough. They are quick to stitch and I'm enjoying getting a good start on the season!
Well I had better move myself, Claire and I are going shopping today, I'm hoping to find just the right fabrics for the sashing and borders in my bitty rows top.


Janice said...

Your trees turned out well. I agree that foundation piecing is wasteful but nice and accurate. The grinch is cute.

Raewyn said...

Your bitty rows are looking good - well done on mastering foundation paper piecing... it can be a little wasteful but results in such accurate blocks! The grinch is a fun finish!!