Wednesday, 19 September 2018

From the outside.

You've seen a few images now of quilts on the frame in my studio, many of you have commented on the views I have while working.
I thought it might be nice to see things from a different perspective.
This is the big flowering cherry that stands outside my room, and is currently in full flower.
On warm days being under, or even close to this tree, is like being close to bee hives, there are so many of them all you hear is a buzzzzzzzzzzz.
Hmm, time to get the arbourist in to give him a tidy up.
Our property drops away toward the back, so standing in rooms at the back of the house it feels like you have gone up a storey. From the garden you must look up to see in.  Look up from under the cherry tree and you can see my studio window.
 Pop around the corner and you can even see the very end of the quilting frame. It really does only just fit in that room.
 It's a lovely room to work in on a sunny day. I see birds and butterflies and of course, I can even hear the bees if I open the windows.
Sadly there is nothing on the frame at the moment, but I do have another top ready to go....
I just need to find something to back it with.
Maybe that's a job for today.
My big winter crochet project is coming to an end. 
Jiffy's blanket is just about done.
Since I took this photo at the weekend I have stopped working from side to side and started to add rounds to the edge. Then I'll have to save like mad to send it all the way to the Isle of Man. 
I think I'll want to send this one in a tracked mail package and insure it. I know people send handmade quilts and blankets safely all the time, but you do hear stories of the ones that get 'lost' on the way.
Right, my day off work.
I have some chores to do, then it's play time.


Karen S said...

Your tree looks wonderful!!
Lovely work on the blanket. That has grown quickly.

Janice said...

That is one gorgeous tree. They are one of my favourites. There are a couple of beauties in the park in town. Jiffy is going to LOVE his blanket. It’s turned out a treat.