Friday, 17 December 2010


We've become a two tree house! My lovely red and gold tree is in our sitting room.
My blue and silver tree is in the dining room.
I've been collecting blue/white/silver ornaments for a few years and last year was the first time I had enough for a whole tree, so this years new item had to be a second tree. Of course that hasn't stopped me from buying more ornaments. Hehehe.
I've finished the Christmas knitting and I'm back with the baby knits. What I really need to do is get on and finish mums elephant project. I just can't settle to it, my hips are still playing up and I just can't get comfortable to sew. I'm struggling with inspiration too. She's going to end up with something thrown together on Christmas Eve at this rate.
Thanks for all the congratulations for Tony. I'll pass on your words when he surfaces. He's snoring it off! He sat up quite late talking on Skype with his mate in NZ, I got fed up and went off to bed. Goodness knows what time they finished gossiping.
I'm off to get on with my day.


Lynda said...

A two-tree family, eh? That's posh!

Tazzie said...

Beautiful trees Loulee hon, how fun to have two of them!

Chookyblue...... said...

the trees look lovely.........congrats to your DH as well.......lots of study there..........