Tuesday 8 May 2018

A Finish.

In spite of my viral infection keeping me off work, I haven't been lazy, even though the doc told me to rest, I've been keeping busy. Granted the housework has been even more minimal than usual and I've sat with my cross stitch in a warm sunny room.
All the extra stitching time means I've been able to finish the elephants.
And here they are, on their 'Serengeti Stroll'
The chart was designed by Karen Bowdish back in 1990 and the stitching was started by Debbie in about 1996. For what ever reason, she put it away, and over Christmas 2017 she asked me if I would like to complete it for her. 
Well of course I would.
The image below is how the project came to me. With only one of the six elephants stitched and about a third of the skyline stitched too. Love the sunset.
And in the next image, you see the part that I stitched.
As you know I ran out of one of the grey brown threads, with three elephants still to stitch, and in the over 20 years since Debbie started it, that particular colour had become a grey green!!  EEK!
With the help of some wonderful people on the NZ cross stitchers page on facebook, I was able to finish it off. Two of the threads I received came out of stashes that had been inherited, so must be very precious, I am especially grateful to those ladies.
These next two pictures are not the greatest, sorry, but you should be able to make out that I signed and dated each end of the design.
The left end for me in 2018.
And on the far right..
Debbie in 1996, which is her guestimate of the starting date.
Debbie has seen a photo of the piece, which I sent on messenger and  I know she is happy to see it completed.
I enjoyed stitching it, it offered some relief from the acres of yellow in my Spring Queen.
Speaking of her, I made some great progress while waiting for the elephant threads to arrive and have her all set up ready to go again this afternoon.
The virus is progressing. (sniff)
Hopefully I'll be back at work on Thursday, meanwhile, it's on with the stitching.


Jenny said...

Great finish, that didn't seem to take too long at all. Guess you will be sad to hand it back to Debbie after all your stitching.

Maria said...

What a beautiful cross stitch you finished for Debbie.. The Elephants walking along with the beautiful sunset is lovely.
How nice of the ladies to go through their stash to send you the needed threads.
Debbie will love it.

Chookyblue...... said...

Glad you are in the improve.....I like this one you are stitching..... .

Janice said...

Debbie must be so pleased with the work you did. I love the touch of signing it for both of you.

Karen S said...

Well done making the most of your down time.
The piece looks wonderful.
Take care and get well soon.