Friday, 11 May 2018

Spring Queen Update

I was feeling better on Wednesday, and was busy in the kitchen for most of the day. I enjoyed myself, making samosas and naan to go with the beef madras I made for dinner. I thought seeing as I was feeling so good, I ought to go back to work.
So I tried it yesterday, the boss took one look and sent me home. I phoned the Doc and and I'm signed off work again. If I don't improve over the weekend I've to go in and see him again.
It would seem that getting up at 7 ish and pottering around doing things in my own time, is somewhat different to getting up at 4.15 am and being at work an hour later! LOL
The frustrating thing is, in myself, I feel ok, I can get on a do stuff, I'm not snotty or coughing and spluttering, I just sound weird, like Scooby Doo! There is something sitting in my sinus and my ears, I can feel it! I wish it would go away!
So I'm still making the most of the extra stitching time and getting on with Spring Queen.
This first image is how I left her on 30th April, I put her away for a few days as the threads for the elephants had arrived and I wanted to finish them.
And here you can see what I've stitched over the last few days, since finishing the elephants.
You know you're nearly half way when you see the clips that hold the fabric onto the frame.
I plan to spend some time with her again today.
And just because I can...
An updated pic of my gorgeous Grandson Floki.


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee oh i do hope you are feeling better soon,loving your cross stitch and how adorable is Flokie,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Maria said...

Sew awful that your bug is still hanging around, hope it goes soon.
nice to do some more stitching on Spring Queen.
How cute is little Floki...

Janice said...

Oh well, if you can’t go to work you may as well stitch. We’ll let you show pics of Floki as he is rather handsome.

Karen S said...

Sometimes it does take ages to recover. Being at home means you can do things at your own pace, unlike work. make the most of it and get well properly. And keep stitching.

Jenny said...

So sorry that you are still unwell, no dought you are sick and tired of all this business by now. More time for stitching while at home, but I guess you want to get back to being 100% and getting on with your life. Hang in there, and get well soon!

Deb said...

Gosh I hope you are feeling better Lou. What a strange feeling it must be. Oh my gosh your wee Grandson is adorable. Congratulations. What a wee poppet.