Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Moving slowly on....

I'm back at work having finally gotten rid of that nasty throat and ear thing! Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes. I'm sure that is what fixed it. 😉😉
I've been getting on slowly with one or two things. In the evenings I curl up on the sofa with my crochet, so Jiffys blanket is growing, I think I'm just about half way now. It's getting very heavy and is very warm to work on and under. So I'm sure it will keep him warm and cosy.
 I set Mr H the task of sorting out my cross stitch frame and he did, so I've also spent a little time working on spring Queen.
 Here are the parts that were causing issues for me. The wee plastic elbesee clips were not holding the fabric correctly and it was slipping through them. I discovered that a turn in the dishwasher 'shrinks' them and helps them to grip again. One issue sorted.
 Another issue was the bolts and wing nuts. The bolts were just going around and around in the wood rather than tightening up. Mr H came up with a fix for that too.  
Yay! I can stitch comfortably again.
The fabric I ordered for my Carpenters wheel quilt has arrived, it sat about for a day or two, but this morning I finally got it pressed and onto the frame. then the top was added too and now I just need thread. 
I thought I had the right one, but I was wrong!!
Debs and I are off to Wellington on Friday, I'll add it to my shopping list.
 And finally!
The reason Debs and I are going to Wellington is that it will be our birthdays on Sunday and Monday. We were born 364 days apart!
It will also be Debbie's daughter Ashleigh's birthday on Tuesday, and Ash just happens to live in Wellington.....There will be celebrating as well as shopping.
So anyway, my prezzie arrived early.
My old Samsung notebook was getting a bit slow and clunky and Mr H has been suggesting for a while that we should replace it.  I finally agreed. 
Gotta go, I'm off out for lunch with Claire today. 


Karen S said...

First of all - Happy Birthday. Have a great day!
Lovely to see how quickly your blanket is growing . It looks great.
Good to also know you are feeling better - especially for your birthday.

Janice said...

Glad to hear you are well enough to return to work. Tony is a clever fellow getting your frame repaired. Your lady will progress now. Enjoy your time in Wellington.

Jenny said...

Happy upcoming birthday, and enjoy your trip to the Capitol City.

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you are feeling better x