Thursday, 14 January 2021

Didn't have much to say....

So I was quiet for a while. Sorry about that.
But now I do have something to say.
Today was the day between Tony's night shifts. I had to be quiet. I had planned to sit and stitch, but it was such a beautiful day I opted to go out instead. I had a quick cuppa with Debbie, who is packing to move house. She is very excited. There really wasn't much I could do to help as she is culling at the same time, so I left her to it and headed on an op shop spree. 
No orange mug with white spots....
But I did hit gold in one shop. They had a box of patterns and charts.
These two caught my eye. A pretty cross stitched needle roll
And some butterflies. You know I can't resist butterflies.
I also found a pretty retro sheet that is just perfect for backing the Lottie Quilt.
So hopefully they will be loaded on to the frame very soon.
I've had some happy mail too.
A while ago I saw this pretty sail boat design on Marias header (Sadly it is gone now) and she was good enough to give me the details.
I ordered it right away, and it has finally arrived, all the way from America.
It's difficult to see in this pic, but each boats sails are made up of different quilt patterns.
So pretty.
Thank you for your help Maria. 😀
I took a few moments the other day to attach a pretty gold trim to this piece, and this evening I plan to make a wee hanger for it, then it can go on my wall.
The description on the kit packaging said pin cushion, but obviously that is not how I saw it.
And finally, on Monday I started on the Morning Moon Fairies kit. I loved this kit when I found it, but after getting it home and opening it I discovered that the shop who produced it had changed out some of the original designers fabrics and also changed some of the instructions.
The fabric exchanges were not straight swaps for another piece, many were different sizes too.
The new set of instructions required some interpretation and Claire's help was enlisted to sort it all out.
Then I set about cutting everything up. All was well until I started to attach the first row of strips and corner stones to join my rows together.
Jack the ripper had a lot of work to do.
I had lots of issues getting things to line up, and when they do, I have more waves than a beach on a stormy day!
When I got to this point on Tuesday lunchtime, I swore at it, just so it knows how I was feeling at the time. Then I walked away.....
Nothing crafty has happened since.
But I'm sure I'll be back.
I do hope your sewing is progressing better than mine.
In other news, work is keeping me very busy, with lots of shifts and phone calls to come and help at short notice. Which is a good thing, because after tonight Tony has only two more shifts left on his temporary contract at the cheese factory, then he is once again unemployed. He is very worried, and it is awful to see him that way.
Please keep your fingers, legs, pins and needles crossed that he finds work soon.
I know I am. 



Janice said...

Your day out was very fruitful, even if no orange mug was found. I do hope Debbie will still be living close by. What a shame the fairy quilt kit isn’t living up to expectations. I hope you can get it sorted. Walking away when it is giving grief is the best option. I’m glad you are getting plenty of work. Believe me, we have everything crossed for Tony.

AnnieO said...

Very pretty needle and thread play at your house. Love the op shop scores. I never see vintage sheets like that here in California.
Fingers crossed for Tony to find excellent employment!

Jenny said...

Oh dear, once again in the looking for a job mode. I didn't realise that this current job was only short term. Sending you best wishes for a speedy resolution. Its certainly not an easy situation to be in.
Great OP shop finds.

kiwikid said...

Everything is crossed for Tony, hopefully something comes along very soon. Y9unhad some great finds at the op shop, I hope the fairies are more cooperative next session.

Alison said...

You inspired me to get going in the sewing room! Today I finished machine quilting a baby quilt, put the binding on and it is on the deck drying in the lovely fresh breeze. Never again will I spray baste a quilt - it was like quilting through mesh! All good learning. Now I think I might knit a dishcloth while the yacht racing is on the TV.

Flickenstichlerin said...

Sorry about your fairy kit, so sad that it does not work out for now, but it will work out some day. I'll keep my fingers, toes, and pins crossed so your hubby will get work soon. Good Luck.

Ondrea said...

So many beautiful projects. Shame about the fairy quilt. They should have told you...not very good customer service. It will be beautiful none the less.

jude's page said...

All the best to Tony for finding another job, and sorry about the problems you had with the pattern, not good.

Chookyblue...... said...

I don't like it when they make something look like it is but they have swapped or out.... Bugger they changed sizes etc.... Looks alright from here.... Goodluck to Tony for finding new work..... Lucky your keeping busy with yours..... Take care.....

Raewyn said...

HI Lou, I hope things are more hopeful on the job front for Tony now? Also what a shame about that kit - that you were so excited to get - being not quite as it should have been. I hope you're finding some stitching time to help you with your sanity xx