Friday 8 January 2021

First offerings for the new year!

In spite of a cool wet start to our Kiwi summer, our green house is looking good and things are starting to change colour.
Our first tomatoes for the year made it into the kitchen last night and there is the promise of more to come. 
Debbie and I took a road trip the other day to visit Cathy at The Quilting Shed. It was our first trip out for a while. I needed a little red batik for my poppy quilt, (Santa missed a bit.) of course, it's a long way to go, for just a fat quarter!
So I bought a quilt kit too. 
As you do.
I got stuck in pretty much as soon as I got home, forgetting to take photos!
Doing all the cutting and beginning to piece the blocks before bed time.
On the second evening I completed constructing the blocks and today pieced the rows and put them together. LOL
A very quick and easy quilt. 
I would be quilting it right now, but alas I need to go shopping for a backing fabric.
The Fabric range is called Lottie Da, and more kits are available from Cathy.
On New years day I took part in Chookys Zoom sew along.
I really didn't contribute much to the conversation, but I was very glad of the company, listening to everyone else chatting away and I did get around to completing my sun flower table topper, to the flimsy stage. I started this way back in October, during another Zoom Meeting. 
Both of these tops still need to be quilted.
The sun flower is appliqued on and is not quite as flat as I would like, but I can live with that.
As discussed in the Zoom meeting, I have joined Gail Pans I  Stitch club again this year. The design is called 'Bring Me Flowers' and I have made a small start on the first stitched piece. I plan to do more to that later today. I'm not back at work until a week today, so have plenty of time to make progress there.

Before New YearI went to our local needle work store to get supplies for my monthly Christmas ornament, but they didn't have them. After shopping at three different online stores I have enough to make maybe the first 3 months. I do hope stock manages to make it into NZ before I run out.
I must talk a little about my monthly Christmas stitch along.
A while ago I asked if any of you would like to join me.
No rules, no pressure, except that each month we would all work on something Christmassy. For me it will be my secret ornaments, you could do something secret too. Or you could show it off each month. You could complete an old WIP, make a Christmas gift, add a little each month to a larger project or like me, just do one small item each month. 
The idea is to spread Christmas throughout the year, to save ourselves from the October to December scramble to get things done.
People who have already said they would like to join in are....
My good pal Janice of Jannimary Blog.
Gail of  Gails Place Blog. 
Deanne, of Dreamworthy Quilts
And Rose, who doesn't have a blog.  Yet! Maybe we could convince her to start one?
If you find yourself joining in, let me know.
And finally, Tony has a new model kit, it was delivered just in time for his birthday on Tuesday, so Belle has a new box to add to her collection.
It seems to be the favourite at the moment. Took her a while to get the paper just right, but she spends pretty much every evening sitting in it.
I wonder if this means I can get rid of one of the old boxes, there are seven of them at the moment!
Happy New Year to you all.
It's a very wobbly start, but lets hope it's like riding a bike and things get better the more we try.



ButterZ said...

It sounds very tempting. I do have an advent calendar that needs completing.

Chookyblue...... said...

you got lots of sewing done while you were quietly sewing away the other day......fresh tomoatoes....yummo.....I like your other quilt too.......

Alison said...

Amazing to whip up a quilt like that! As I am a hand appliquer there is no such thing as a quick quilt. Must be satisfying though. I am currently hooked on a jigsaw puzzle and it keeps calling me!

kiwikid said...

Lovely quilt tops you have completed. Still thinking about the Christmas items, would be a good idea.

Janice said...

A nice, newsy post. Your tomatoes look good. We’ve been picking little ones and have picked 3 large ones. No more for a while though. I didn’t think your kit would take you long to complete. I’m glad a few other girls will be joining us with our Christmas makes. I chuckled about Bella. She’s a bit like Joey with his four beds.

Flickenstichlerin said...

How funny, go shopping for fabric, buying a kit, getting the top done so fast, just to have to go shopping for the backing. Was fun meeting you at the Zoom party. Lovely work. The Christmas projects are temping. Well, I need to think about it.

jude's page said...

Very pretty quilt and quick to sew, well done

Bethan said...

I would totally have bought a quilt kit to make a long journey worth it - and it's such a beautiful quilt! x

dq said...

Well your "quick and easy quilt" is gorgeous. I just love it so much!