Monday, 23 July 2007

All Fixed.

Some major work has gone on with this little lap top since last I wrote. It was refusing to upload pictures, nor would it download updates for windows or my anti virus. Bad, bad, bad.
I couldn't even get it to talk across the network to the other puters in the house. So we reformatted, still had no effect! It seems the problem was with the router box! Why it should suddenly decide to go wrong is a mystery. My Hunny read on a windows forum that he should try to change some of the settings in the router, which he did and hey presto! Alls well again. Phew! What a relief.

I had my shift at work this morning, it passed fairly quickly as I had plenty to do. I've watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix, yes sorry I like my motor racing. Now I get to stitch for an hour or so before dinner. Just my Hunny and I today, no kids, no Dad and no guests, so we're having a treat, fillet steaks. Yummy. Nice and quick to cook too, so more stitchy time for me.

This is my last day of cross stitch, tomorrow I'll rotate back to my quilt top and hopefully get some more plates made up. The cotton fabrics I plan to use as back ground squares and backing fabrics and the wadding have arrived at last so I could if I wanted too get on and make the first completed squares, but a little birdie told me that my Hunny may be getting me a new sewing machine for my birthday (Which is very soon) so I may just hang on and see what happens. ;-)
Take care.

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Gina E. said...

Hey, don't be sorry about mentioning your liking motor racing - that is the only form of sport that Ken and I follow. Both cars and bikes in Formula 1 are fantastic.