Friday, 20 July 2007

Another bad day.

I had another stinker at work today, I really don't like the place much at the moment. My line manager is not the nicest of people and I find it very difficult to talk to her. So, I waited until I knew the big boss was out of his meeting and spoke to him on the phone. I feel a lot better for it, the man could win medals for prattling on, but today I appreciated it. Thank you boss.

For those who wonder, I'm a senior suppert worker in a Leonard Cheshire Home. I work with disabled people, enabling them to live independently, we're not a nursing home, we don't do everything for them. They have their own little flats in which they live, they are responsible for paying the bills and keeping their homes clean and tidy, they must shop for their own groceries, in short, they must be independent. I'm there to assist with the things they really can't do. For example today I assisted a wheel chair user to clean the tops of his kitchen cupboards, I climbed a ladder and took some curtains down for the same chap, he put them in the washing machine, and then took them to the washing lines himself. Another gent who has Parkinsonism was having a really shakey day, and really needed to cut his fingernails before he took his own eye out, so I chopped them for him. My job can be incredibly varied. That was the nice stuff, I could do that kind of stuff all day, thats why I took the job. It's easy to do work you enjoy.
I have no picture to show today, I think it will make more of an impact if I wait until I have more done.
Have a good day all.

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Gina E. said...

Loulee, I do much the same kind of work as you, and I love doing it too. What a pity there is one bad apple in your barrel, but it is good that there is someone above her that you can vent to. I hope he will be able to influence her to be a bit/lot more friendly to her co-workers.