Saturday, 21 July 2007

The eye of the tiger.

Well, it's eyes actually! I'm glad I decided to leave the ground alone and get on with his face, I feel like I have some company now. Isn't he a sweetie.

Getting him to you took a great deal of effort! There seems to be something amiss with the network here at home, I tried to go about things in the normal way, but had no success! My little computer just wouldn't play. I ended up starting up deep thought, my Hunnys 'big' computer to get things done. What a pain!

I've had another day off work today, yes I know, thats two this week, but I'll have to work until 10pm on Saturday and be up at 7am on Sunday to make up for it. Never mind, I'm off to my nieces 21st birthday bash tonight and I'll have next weekend off work entirely. I love working shifts, I get lots of time at home without interruptions, weekends are not so bad, there are no bosses in, well technically I'm a boss, but my bosses are not there! I do miss out on family time though, for me that is the only downside.

I'm going back to my tiger, see if I can't get his ear completed before they arrive demanding food!
Have a good weekend.


Janet said...

Oh he is a cutie Loulee! Good luck with it!

Sarah Nopp said...

I agree, a face is necessary to make a connection. And he is cute :)
Enjoy your shift times and all the personal time you get from taking those shifts.

Sonnja said...

I love your tiger!

Sonnja from the Netherlands