Monday, 16 July 2007

A party and other things.

My DD was 19 last week and had asked if she might have a BBQ in the garden on Saturday. All week I looked to the rain and shook my head, when on Friday, the sky got darker, the rain got heavier and the wind picked up too I started to plan a small indoor bash, no way would I have believed that we could eat out doors on Saturday! My pessimism was unfounded, I awoke on Saturday to beautiful beaming sunshine, the wind dropped and by late afternoon the BBQ was lit and friends were gathering. We had a wonderful time.

I didn't get much sleep on Saturday night, it was soooooo hot, so ended up going to work exhausted on Sunday morning, (I work shifts in a Leonard Cheshire Home) when I came home my Hunny cooked dinner and cleared up afterwards. He really is a Hunny.
After an early night I was up bright and breezy this morning, I've gotten loads done already. The floors have been vacuumed and the washing machine is whirring away, so my time is my own.
I'm itching to get on and make my first quilt block, but not only am I waiting for supplies to arrive, I also decided to work on a rotation, quilt one week, cross stitch the next. Today being Monday, it's the first day of Cross stitch week. I started this piece about 3 weeks ago, it's been languishing in my cupboard for about 10 years, I watched a colleague stitching it and fell in love instantly. I bought it within weeks of first seeing it but never got around to stitching it. It's called 'Endangered Species Collage' I can't find a pic of it online at the moment, I'll scan the kit front later to let you have a look, I'll take a photo of the orange blob that will become a tiger cub too.
Happy Monday.


Gina E. said...

Hi again Loulee, I just clicked on your link to Leonard Cheshire Home and found it very interesting. I've never heard of them, so they may not have branches in Australia. What is your role there? I am a caregiver for our local council, providing home and personal care for aged and disabled people. Really love my work.

loulee1 said...

Hi Gina, I am a senior support worker at my local unit here on the Isle of Man. We have 8 apartments adapted for disabled people, 2 for respite care and 6 full time tennants. I love the work, a new challange every day!