Thursday, 27 September 2007

A Box full of goodies.

As I mentioned yesterday my friend Janet has sent me a box of goodies. She promised me some patchwork which had become a UFO and 'a few other bits'. It turned out to be a rather large box!

These three fabrics she went out and bought specifically for me! OMG! There are yards of the stuff, it's beautiful, I'll have to make something very special with this fabric. I love blues and Janet got the blue nail on it's blue head. I think I died and went to blue heaven.

This is the UFO, I'll do my best to do something with these fabrics, it's all here, green, pink, blue, orange, red and white.
In order to make more stars I'll have to make a few practice cuts on some scrap fabric to ensure I get my diamonds the right size. Watch out for this stuff, you will see it again.

I'm gussing these two fabrics were bought to go together. The green is almost as pretty as the blue. ;-) The patterned piece whispered Christmas to me, hmm.............

Also in the box were these crochet pieces along with yards and yards of crochet cotton.

I've never mastered crochet, a colleague of mine can, though I've only ever seen her working with wool style yarns. I wonder if she has the patience to teach me, I'd love to make at least the few more squares it would take to finish this into a baby size blanket.

I've never seen a flower loom before, they look like fun! I'll have to have a go won't I? Then I'll know how they work when my nieces come to see me, I'm sure they will love them. Hmm, I have a pattern for a hand knit doll, her dress would look great with a flower on.

There was also some other bits and pieces in the box, lacy net style fabrics, I tried to get a pic of those but it didn't work. Janet also bought me the latest issue of 'Love of Quilting' from Fons and Porter. I've never seen that magazine here, so it's nice to see something from across the ocean. It's much thicker than the local mag I subscribe to. I keep looking through it, there is so much to see, I'll have to curl up and read it properly some day soon.

Thank you Janet, thank you, thank you, thank you. xx

In yesterdays post, a much smaller package. My sister ordered these applique pieces for me, I plan to use them in a turning twenty quilt.

The first turning twenty book I bought was the 'Around the block' version, I have enough flowers and Sues to make a quilt for my friends little girl.

Aunty Loulee used to do lots of knitting for Eden, but lately I've been bitten by the quilt bug and Eden is feeling neglected. Just a few more girly fat quarters to collect and Eden will have a quilty christmas.

I still didn't close the binding on DS *2 quilt, I'll get it done before I go to work today though.

Have a happy day


Janet said...

Oh I happy I chose the blue then!!! Almost wound up with a lavendery color, that was in the flowers of the black floral! I had the lavender on the counter to pay..and I looked up...and stared at the was so eye catching, and I thought it would brighten up the darker colors so nicely..I had to put them all side by side for a while to make a glad I chose the blue!

Enjoy them all!

Sarah Nopp said...

You get the BEST things in the mail! Such shiny fabrics you have. And lovely blocks with inset seams.

Shelina said...

Those are two very nice packages you got in the mail - they will give you a chance to sharpen some skills, and learn some new ones.