Sunday, 2 September 2007

Future Quilt.

As promised I scanned my book to show you the quilt Hunney and I both like. It called 'Simply Chevrons'.

These scans have come out paler than the original pages, try as i might I couldn't get the colours to come true. It's a much richer warmer looking quilt than it looks here.

I'm having problems finding just the right fabrics for it. Hunney and I both like the colours used in the model so I'd like to get something very similar. To that end I have ordered some charm packs in the hope of finding something we like and agree on. At 108 x 108 it should keep me busy for a while.

As for the current project, the top is in 3 pieces laying on my absent DDs bed at the moment, the backing is also in the same state. Decision time, do I quilt it as 3 pieces? Or fasten the whole lot together and quilt the whole thing? It's 50x50 so won't be massively huge and hopefully won't be too big to manage in my little machine if I decide on the latter option.

What do you think girls?


Janet said...

I love it Loulee! Wonderful colors! Good luck with it!

Julia said...

Love it! love the colours too..
You can do it!
50x50 is not too big, so i would do it as a whole quilt...