Friday, 1 February 2008

I'm back.

We finally have an internet and phone connection, yippie!

I'm not doing bad, the only boxes I have left to unpack are my crafty boxes. There is rather more of it that I anticipated. Hmm, don't tell Hunney! I was very good and donated loads to a lady who crafts for local charities, I sent lots of used charts to a cross stitchy friend and I still have far more crafty stuff than I could possibly use in a lifetime.
I have my new born quilty stash, my fully grown and recently cropped cross stitch stash and a general (Also recently cropped) crafty/card making stash. I'm going to need a chest of drawers for this lot.

We're settling into this new place, it's taking a bit of getting used to, especially for me. Ever since we moved in the island has been battered by storms. My bedroom is under the eaves and boy is it noisy. All kinds of horrors go through my mind as I lay awake listening to storm force ten winds gusting only feet away from my pillow. Last night I ended up in the sitting room on the lower floor, it wasn't much quieter there, so I put a movie on to drown out some of the noise and dozed off watching TV.

It's obvious to me that we have moved from a modern well insulated place to and old building, aside from the noise and draughts the place has character and because it is over two floors it feels like a house. I've taken loads of pictures, but the camera cable is still awol, we do have the beginnings of a study, Hunney has built his desk, and 'Deep Thought', the big computer is up and running again, books ahve made it back into the case but there are still one or two boxes of bits, all those little bits that seemed to have a home and logical place to be in the old place, but nowhere to call their own in a new place. I'll post pics, lots of pics as soon as I find that cable.

No sky TV here yet, hopefully the weather will calm enough tomorrow for an engineer to get a dish up for us, we'll see, right now it sounds pretty awful out there.

Right, I'm off to read your blogs and do a bit of catching up.

Take care.


Janet said...

Welcome back loulee! Missed ya here!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I would love listening to the storms, but you are right, it will take a while to acquire the knack for sleeping in it!
lo Tracey

Gina E. said...

Hi Loulee, Happy New Year in your new home; good luck with finding everything! Nice to see you visit Patra's Place regularly - thank you for your comments.
I was looking at your sidebar and had a look at some of the Isle Of Man sites. I don't know anything about the Isle apart from the motorcycle racing, so it was an eyeopener to me to see the lovely scenery!