Tuesday, 5 February 2008

More Pictures.

As promised, more pics from the new place. Some of the walls are still a bit bare we need to get some picture hooks. Our previous landlord was set against us putting pictures up, this guy is much more understanding. He is willing for us to make the place our own, so long as we leave it in good order as and when we leave.

That said, in the picture below, the CD cases are still empty and waiting to go up on the wall! Oh, and I'll be trading out the not so lovely mustard coloured leather effect sofas. The curtain on the window is one of the great bargains I found in the charity shop next door, fully thermal and blackout lined 100% cotton velvet. No alterations required. And it was cheap, cheap, cheap!

The rest of the entertainment and electronics gear, in time it will all be hooked up to a surround sound system. Right now I'm typing away on that little laptop. That TV seemed huge in the old place, but here it seems so small, Hunney wants one twice the size now! This sitting room is about 15x15 foot, really cozy, I love it. We really need to get some pictures up in here though, it's bare.

In our previous apartment the kitchen was a little box, with no windows so it was dark, and felt crowded in there if you had company at the door! So this is bliss, it's not much bigger really but because there is a window and you enter through a very wide hole in the dining room wall it feels much bigger and brighter.

The sink is hiding just around the corner on the right. I'm still working on de cluttering the worktops, nearly there. :-) I love that I can ask for help in there without feeling crowded.

Turn your back on the kitchen and there is the dining room. Great for entertaining.
Hiding in the corner behind the plant is some of my collection of crafty stuff, the big sideboard is full of games and tableware.

If I stand in that corner, by the plant you can see my sewing table in my little crafty corner, the blue chest is full of some more of my crafty stuff. You can't really see them in these pictures, but the curtains in this room were another bargain from next door. One HUGE curtain got chopped into three to fit a small bay and one flat window, I'll get a pic another time. Again, there was nothing wrong with it, not even faded really, fantastic quality, black out and thermal lined.
This table was another bargain. It came from another charity shop and had been donated because the previous owners grandchild had leaned a little too heavily with his crayon! Not so's I noticed.

The master bedroom, it's tucked into the eaves at the top of the house, hence the lack of sleep listening to the weather. It was the most economical use of space to tuck the top of the bed at the lowest point in the ceiling, right under the skylight. I'll get a velux blind for that, and one for DDs skylight too. There are two black folders over there on my side of the bed. One has my Aida and evenweave fabrics in for cross stitch, the other one is Hunneys easel, like a technical drawing or architects desktop. He uses it when he is doing his calligraphy. They will both find better homes in time.
Before anyone asks, no I didn't make the quilt, Hunney bought it for me. There is a smaller one underneath which I did make! I did make the bolster however, there are better picturs of that in my Picturetrail if you want to have a peek.

Last but not least, the as yet totally untamed dressing room. I want some rails in there and some shelving! Oh! And hiding round the corner beyond the laundry basket is the last of my crafty stash! There is an entrance to the shower room from the dressing room to.

I haven't taken pics of DDs room yet, it's already a pigsty! It would break the camera. And you've seen the study! There you go, grand tour over! Thankyou for visiting.


Andrea said...

It looks a really nice place - hope you'll be happy there. Plenty of room to store your sewing stuff I think -lol !

Ali Honey said...

That is looking like you live there now. reat buying with the table and curtains.

Really like the flags on the walls.....I wonder why that is?

Janet said...

What a nice find Loulee! Good luck with the new place! Enjoy!

Rose Marie said...

Your new place looks cosy already! You and your family will enjoy and be happy there!