Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Finish,

Well almost!  I finished the winter village cross stitch last night, except for the snow flakes. On the pattern there are some back stitched snow flakes, but I want to see if I can find some charms or pretty sequin snow flakes to stitch on.

The model also shows some pretty ribbon and some froufrou at the top and bottom of the fabric, so I'll have a hunt about for something to use there too. Aside from that I'm rather pleased with this little piece. 
I also had time to work for a half hour on the Endangered babies project, but got fed up with it. The panda now has an eye rather than a blank space! But that's about all I achieved there. I had a tidy up of my work space and put a few things away and pulled out another small Christmas project which I started, it's just a small red blob at the moment, when there is something to see I'll take a picture. I'd like to think that I can do a little more to the babies each time I sit up in the study with Hunney, but don't hold your breath.
Thank you for all your comments and suggestions for Me Time
Me time does seem to be a very personal thing, meaning something different to each person, but it does revolve around being able to decide what to do and when to do it rather that the mad scramble we sometimes have to just keep up with the world.
Although the message I got from Maria was that I should spend time doing something for ME, meaning that the end result would be for ME rather than another gift, I do feel that I have had me time this week, quite a bit of it in fact. I finished the strawberry bag and enjoyed doing it. Although it was fiddly I enjoyed the couple of hours spent making the denim bag, both gifts, but both gave me pleasure. I have sat with Hunney up in the study, he puttering away on his puter and me at my stitching, I finished the winter village scene, that is for me, then spent some time just playing about really, having a tidy up and a sort out, I enjoyed that too. I think I'm very lucky in that Hunney is a great help around the house, so are the kids, we all encourage and indulge each others hobbies and I believe we all get some quality me time.
Speaking of quality time, Moya is on her way, we'll be taking a wander around the shops here in Ramsey and I'm sure she'll have a project for me to photograph.


Ginnie said...

Winter Village looks lovely, I like the frame it hangs on.

Stephanie said...

Cozy winter village. You found the perfect hanger. I'd like to live in that little village.

Janet said...

Loulee, Your Winter Village scene is adorable, it's so cute!

I am glad you got some "me" time, it's important to our existence..too many times, we put aside our free time, to do things specifically for others, so we feel like we still need free time. I feel, if you spent your time, making things for others, as presents, it's still stuff you wanted to do for yourself, so that doesn't count as really for "others"

Jeanne said...

Your little winter village is so charming!
Jeanne :)

Miss 376 said...

Winter Village looks lovely, I can just imagine it with snowflake charms. Goes really well with the hanger

Karol-Ann said...

It looks great on that hanger!! And the bags are fab so you have achieved some cool stuff which is equivalent to 'me' time. (I like the feeling you get from a finish no matter how small.)

Ali Honey said...

I like the simplicity of your Winter Village. No bright colours no clutter. It makes the quiet snow scene real.

Sometimes with ME time even if it is 10 minutes - I say to myself now see what you can achieve in that time. Little amounts of time can add up. Sometimes just thinking about what you plan to do is nearly as good as doing it.

anne bebbington said...

Your Winter Village is lovely - understated and elegant - just perfect!

Karen said...

Your winter scene is very well done!