Tuesday, 28 April 2009

For My Next Trick..............

Back to work yesterday, but it was a good day, I sat a COSHH exam and although it has to be officially marked, the examiner went thorough it with me once I was finished and told me that I have a 100% pass mark!! Cool Huh?
I've done a few rows of Knitting and have almost reached the point where I must start to shape sleeve and neck holes. I must say I am enjoying knitting this sweater up for Joe. I also found a pattern which I may use make a cardigan for Kay.
My sister in law almost pounced on me when we visited on Sunday, and presented me with her laundry basket! Would I make a nice lining for it please as she is growing tired of tatty old bin liners, but if she does without, the wicker snags on her clothes.
I plan to do it today, I should have plenty of time, before going in to work at three. I have the pattern already worked out in my head, it's not hard.
Jannimary was asking how I found doing a pieced binding on the fan quilt. I have done pieced bindings before and love them. This one, like the fans has pieces of fabric left from other projects and is full off memories, it was fun to see each piece go by.

I chain pieced a whole bunch of 2.5 inch squares, a couple had started to come unstitched, but only right on the edges and I was able to put a couple of extra stitches on each of the joins as I passed them.
As well as a little knitting I have also made a little more progress on French Roses. The first round of applique is under way and I've had my winter pinwheels out again, Hunney has decided they just need a wide white border and a navy blue binding and they'll be done. So that's what they shall have. Hehehe, an excuse to go shopping! I don't have enough white, I just used it all.
Time to hop onto the rowing machine. It's working.....although the scales in the bathroom still tell the same story, I've gone down a bra size and lost two inches from my waist and 4 from my hips!! Yippie
1) Lost inches
2) Time to play
3) 179 days.


jannimary said...

Thanks for showing the pieced binding. It looks really effective. Enjoy working on your next projects.

Miss 376 said...

Well done on the lost inches, I know how hard that it is to do. The pieced binding looks lovely

black bear cabin said...

congrats on the loss of inches...its awesome!!! i hope to follow suit! :)
have a fabulous day!

Lynda said...

Sometimes all the seams on a pieced binding can make it a bit bulky, so I often iron them open (especially when they end up at the corner, which they inevitably do!)