Friday, 19 February 2010

More Snow?

Typical, the day I go back to work, we get more snow. Not too much though, just a dusting. This will be gone before lunchtime.
I'll think about cosy quilts all the way to work! Speaking of quilts.....
Maybe I shouldn't have told him there are fluffy bunnies on it! I didn't let on about all the flowery pieces that crept in, and he can't find the ugly which I chopped two slices from. Phew!
No I didn't forget that I wanted to quilt as I go. What you see here are 4 quarters, and lots of pins. What I see laying on the floor here is a neat pile of layered and pinned quarters, just ready for me to pick up and quilt when I get home later today. Hmm, it's cottage pie for tea, maybe after I get that started. This one took it's time talking to me, but once I got it all laid out it told me I couldn't get too fancy with the quilting, I get to stitch in the ditch, basically making a whole load of big H's, and it wants to be called Big H. Joe doesn't get that! I think I need to have a word with his teacher!
Right, where's my boots? I'd better find my scarf and mittens again too.
Take care.


Janice said...

Why did it have to snow today? It should have been on one of those days where you can stay snug inside.
I love the photo of Joe contemplating his quilt. He looks quite deep in thought. I hope he is happy with it. It looks quite masculine (even if there are a couple of flowry patches).

Miss 376 said...

I've never seen it done this way before, look forward to seeing how it all turns out and goes together. Hope the day at work isn't too long

Paula said...

Oh, it looks great! And seeing Joe standing in front of it is cool. I really like it!! I've never done the "quilt as you go" thing, so I will be very interested to see how you do it. Stay warm!

Allie said...

GREAT quilt!

Karen said...

Excellent photo and an excellent quilt!