Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A busy weekend.

I had a very busy weekend, with Mother here for her dinner on Saturday and the whole crowd here on Sunday. It was wonderful and especially good to see DD Kay, we've not seen her since Christmas. She has requested a larger quilt. I made a pink version of this for her birthday last year and when I suggested a larger version she was happy with that.
I suggested using some of my Mill House Inn fabrics and that met with approval too. I did warn her that there is a waiting list and to soften that blow I loaned her one of my larger quilts, it is only a loan though. LOL She may not have to wait too long, I'm itching to start it. First I really do have to quilt this one. I had planned to do it yesterday, but I had one of those crappy nights and gave up trying to sleep at about 04.30. I can't blame the snoring bed hog either, it wasn't his fault, just one of those nights. So yesterday I did very little, just watched some TV and took a snooze here and there. Today after an early night and a really good sleep, I'm all fired up and ready to quilt.
I did do a little cross stitch yesterday, but only a little. If I get that quilting done this morning, I can spend this afternoon doing a little more.
My bad! I was so tired yesterday I left the hoop on my work. My bad. It should wash and press out once I'm finished.
I love having these long weekends off work, I usually get so much done. Tomorrow I'm off to the Onchan office, it's been a while since I was there, I'll bet there is stacks for me to do. Next week I have to go away for a couple of days! My boss sprung that one on me. I have to attend a conference in Newcastle, but because it is impossible to get daytrip flights I'm flying out on Monday morning and home on Wednesday morning. I'll be busy all day Tuesday but what am I going to do all of Monday afternoon? Anybody out there from that area? Where are the crafty shops? What is the museum like? Anything I really have to see? Maybe I'll take my cross stitch and hope there is a really good light in my hotel room.
I'm off to play.
Take care.


Miss 376 said...

Sleepless nights are useless for getting things done, the brain doesn't work well. Hope today works out better for you.

Allie said...

That quilt is so beautiful! I hope you get the quilting done so you can work on your x-stitch some.

Jewells said...

I live near Newcastle!!!...but alas, that is Newcastle, NSW, Australia!
Love what you have done with the quilt and also enjoy seeing the progress of the teddy cross stitch. Cheers..Jewells (from Down Under)

em's scrapbag said...

Lovely quilt and beautiful cross stitch. Hoping for good light in the hotel, have a good trip.