Saturday, 13 March 2010

A finish.

Yesterday after my show and tell of unfinished works I got a little bit domestic before having more fun with my sewing, in the end I did a couple of hours of cross stitch.
This morning, because I was awake and up at stupid o'clock I finished this little panel I brought home from NZ. I just had to do a little quilting and add hangers. Here it is hanging in our sitting room. (One down and three to quilt.)
The quilting is simple, I've stitched around some of the motifs in their black outlines, then stitched in the ditch of the borders. Done! If it looks like it's hanging in a door frame, that's because it is! It's a door we never use, in fact it's blocked with a sofa, I always thought it looked ugly and wanted to put a curtain over it to hide it, but Tony didn't like that idea. We'll see what he thinks of this idea, a bit of Kiwiana amid a bunch of motorcycle pictures.
Also today, I did more of the domestic stuff, took a trip to the post office and a couple of shops to fine some extras to include with the pot holders and now it's time to play again, I have a couple of hours before I have to go to work. I hear my cross stitch calling.
Have a good day and take care.


Jenny said...

I love that kiwi wallhanging Lou! Happy stitching.

Miss 376 said...

I think it is a brilliant place to hang it. It is beautiful and I am sure it will bring back some lovely memories

Allie said...

That's beautiful! Stupid o'clock, love that one.

Ali Honey said...

The expression stupid o'clock is great....I ofetn wake at that hour then evetually go back to sleep and wake at even more stupid o'
clock.......why I don't know...and am very tired in the morning. ( luckily I don't do that every night! )

New Zealand fabric! Yes!

Ali Honey said...

New Zealand fabric ! Yes!

I often wake at stupid O'clock...that's a fabuolus expression!

sewkalico said...

It looks great and reminds me that I still have not done anything with this fabric that my neighbour brought back from NZ for me :-(

AnnieO said...

The Kiwiana quilt looks great! I am turning the Aussie fabrics I bought on my trip into a market bag (er, someday!) and some pajama pants.

Cross stitch is something I return to time and again. Just love the simplicity of the one stitch that turns into beautiful images.

"stupid o'clock" cracks me up every time. I recently read the term "armpit of the morning" on another blog and loved that too :)